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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • I have no idea what the source of discharge is but I would like for it to end immediately

    PeggyTrevino on Nov 30, 2020

  • Holy Cross Medical Group, Cardiac, West Boca Medical Cener

    HCMG CARB WBMC on Nov 29, 2020

  • I was just charged $9 at 3:30 in the morning for something I decided not to order from these people. This is stealing and they need to put my money back on my card.

    Manny on Nov 29, 2020

  • I have a charge on my Debit Card for 132.13. I just hope O get my money back. Such BS

    Diana Dulier on Nov 28, 2020

  • Never authorized this fee to be charged to my credit card

    Teresa Lindsey on Nov 28, 2020

  • I have had it confirmed that the source of these 'mystery' charges is indeed the Financial Times (NY). Bizarrely, it took the FT days to confirm that they generated the charge. More forthcoming soon, suffice to say that, it's a shock to discover the FT -- of all businesses -- is pulling this apparent fraud/theft. As a longtime subscriber, it's an indescribable feeling of having been violated and victimized. Even if it's not deliberate fraud/theft, the FT would have to have an internal technical/accounting mess and the most lax internal controls for this to have gone on for so long, to say nothing of absolute carelessness and disregard of their subscribers' payment data. I have gone through years of emails in two email accounts -- and not a single notification from the FT. Worst practices, for sure. DC Silicon Valley CA *

    Dee Cee on Nov 28, 2020

  • I found a $5.00 charge on my CIBC credit card with this description. Turned out it was related to a Paypal transaction; where usually paying through Paypal results in just a charge to your credit card, it turns out that the merchant (through AliExpress) was setup to have their receiving funds be credited to their own credit card. This counts to CIBC as a "balance transfer", and hence the fees.....

    Stefan on Nov 28, 2020

  • I just make payment with : When I make payment , I choosen paypal for payment , then to my paypal , ater I chose my default , back to website , after I click check out , my account lost $800 Please help me for this scam

    Tran Viet Cuong on Nov 27, 2020

  • We discovered 3 charges on a card that we were unsure where they came from this group. The charges started out with 6.99, 24.99 and 19.99. We called and they claim to be removing the charges.

    Marilyn on Nov 27, 2020

  • I was very confused by this charge but as I saw some other comments I remembered I had some keys printed at a Walmart and that’s exactly what the charge is.

    Tim Woodcock on Nov 27, 2020

  • Ice cream shop Templestowe

    Jo on Nov 27, 2020

  • This just showed up on my credit card for $157 at carpe diem which I know I didn’t purchase.

    Kyle on Nov 26, 2020

  • I don't know about a charge on your card, but this is a legit source. The merchant is a Fred Meyer (Kroger owned) supermarket in Portland Oregon. It is Burlingame Fred Meyer on SW Barbur Blvd.

    Kati OBrien on Nov 25, 2020

  • On the 18th Oct. I was doubly charged by these people. One payment was for € 69.99 and the second €59.99. I did NOT authorise either. I went into their website and was asked to log in which is impossible because I don't have an account with them.

    Elaine Buckley on Nov 24, 2020

  • I got a charge of 115.00 reported to cc company as fraud

    Reported them! on Nov 24, 2020

  • This fraudulent charge, not small, was first put on my credit card last year as a recurring/automated charge -- I don't do automated charges at all! -- & it is still happening!!! The FT is Unable to tell me what this charge is for (after several days!). They seem to have no idea; I do not believe them. So glad I put the descriptor of the charge in my browser -- and I see that I an Not alone!! My bank says the charges put on my credit card (in 2019 and last month) are described as 'direct marketing'! My subscription is for home use; I am not a business! *There is FRAUD going on at the FT and, according to all the SCAM/FRAUD enteries for same online, it's been going on for a long time and the venerable FT is Unable and/or Unwilling to get to the bottom of it. At this protracted point, law enforcement needs to be called in -- THEFT & FRAUD of customer Payment Data is going on at the FT! In fact, one their better stories may be fleshing this out, after all, they are a business and finance 'newspaper'!!! Today is November 23, 2020.

    DC/SilValgal on Nov 23, 2020

  • I noticed a $1 charge and then a $39.99 charge from this so-called company, Apparently, it's because I checked a free credit reporting service. I spoke to a rep from "customer service" when I called the # listed. She said she would refund this charge and cancel me out of the program. I am sooo sick & tired of all the scam artists out there. If they're smart enough to come up with a scam, they're smart enough to get a job! I am also notifying my bank and he NYS AG's Office.

    Linda L. on Nov 23, 2020

  • Charge appear on my credit card and the card company notified me that it was suspicious. The charge was $100 and had no charges for that amount. Unknown source. Fraud.

    Ken B on Nov 22, 2020

  • It is CEWE

    Matt on Nov 22, 2020

  • I just figured out that the $8 charge from my debit card, showing as Atlantic Brookhouse Framingham on my statement, is actually parking charges for the garage at my eye doctor in Brookline. The eye doctor's office is in a building called the Brook House. Super confusing, since the statement says Framingham, but glad it's legit!!

    Martha on Nov 22, 2020