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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • **THESE CHARGES ARE A PRODUCT OF SYBER SCAM* *the key word unauthorized, plus the unauthorized price increase.

    TYRONE STERLING on Oct 01, 2020

  • $89 charge. Never smoked in my life.

    Cassidy on Sep 30, 2020

  • My credit card statement shows you have fraudulently charged my account. I insisted this stops immediately and the funds are credited back to the card. 27 Sep 2020 Open transaction details PENDING - HARD DRIVE PRODUCTIONS PHOENIX US-$54.25 Purchased on Sunday 27 September 2020 Time purchased 3.02PM (Sydney/Melbourne time) Card used Visa Listed as Inbound teleservices

    Paul Haines on Sep 30, 2020

  • I have no idea why I was billed 30.00 and change.

    Robert Whitaker on Sep 29, 2020

  • Saw charge on card statement had no idea what it was. called the # and talked to someone and they are refunding our money.

    Judith&Gene sept.28,2020 on Sep 29, 2020

  • Turned off auto renew right after sign up for the trial. Still got charged one month later!

    Teddy on Sep 28, 2020

  • Woke up to 2 charges this morning from this PM OurTime. Apparently it's a 50s+ singles website? Just canceled my CC and am disputing the charges

    Ashley on Sep 26, 2020

  • Sadly, my uncle who is now in assisted living has been charged $24.95/month on his credit card for at least the last 6 months. He has no idea what the charge is. We cancelled his credit card promptly. It is sad these people prey on seniors like this.

    Debbie on Sep 25, 2020

  • Me aparece este cargo en mi tarjeta y no e usado el servicio..además busco info sobre kavejo y no existe... El día que se cargo esto a mi tarjeta estuve todo el día en casa y no salí y no se usó la tarjetA

    Wagner ramirez on Sep 25, 2020

  • I set up an insurance payment at PC world some years ago to cover my iMac. I'm a bit worried now with the reports that it might be a spurious debiting of my account. Advice please. Don

    DON MCCORKINDALE on Sep 25, 2020

  • Fucking scam artists

    Pissed off on Sep 25, 2020

  • Last 2 months this site charge in my card 30 us dls

    Benny on Sep 24, 2020

  • Carmen Brown on Sep 24, 2020

  • Was a charge for a death certificate

    Ccl on Sep 24, 2020

  • Its an emergency Vet. VCA

    Shalena on Sep 23, 2020

  • I saw the same thing on my debit card statement. It should have said Kuttawa, Kentucky, not Kahana, Kentucky.

    Mark T. on Sep 23, 2020

  • Never signed up for anything. Called crs, said they had no record of my purchase. Visa still being charged $39.90.

    Ken Rochelle on Sep 23, 2020

  • Hoy en Barcelona hemos pagado con tarjeta en zona azul 3 horas después me han descuentado 1,20 de mi cuenta a nombre de PKCORESS

    Katty on Sep 22, 2020

  • Just saw a charge on my Credit card. for 281.75 from Buy Buy Baby Nash e commerce in NJ. I’ve never been to NJ and am from California. It’s been reported now and acct. closed. Legit scam charge!!

    Curtis on Sep 22, 2020

  • It is a supermarket in Salzburg (Austria)

    Issam G. on Sep 22, 2020