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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • Cancelled this 2 weeks ago and still trying to charge me stop charging me

    William Whittemore on Jun 25, 2017

  • They charged my card to this weird ass name and now my card is completely cancelled due to suspicious activity and unauthorized charges made on my card by this fucking idiot of a weird ass name FUCK YOU I HOPE YOU ROT !!

    STEF on Jun 25, 2017

  • I think it's for concert tickets like the smaller places in Hollywood. The Greek theater. I'm just throwing that out there as example only. I went to a pink concert in Hollywood and I think it's that. It's been 5 yrs and I just caught a bunch of badness in my bank account I never saw before today. This was one for 160 bucks I noticed on my bank statement too a 7.00 charge from AMERICAN LOCKERS G ANAHIEM CA the day before this 160.00 charge came out first maybe testing waters. Technology is going to kill us off. It's got a pretty good start of making us absolutely bonkers .

    Kim on Jun 25, 2017

  • We bought some Peru Travel books at the Lima Airport which is attached to their convenience stores and the University

    BRITT PERU SAC CHAKAN on Jun 24, 2017

  • 1661705502 Debit -£29.95

    mark weston on Jun 24, 2017

  • I had a fradulent charge from Foster Smith Mail Order and a walmart charge totaling $124. My credit card company notified me and it was taken care of. Its very suspicious that everyone on here is saying the same thing. I'm wondering what more can be done to look into this further

    Keisha on Jun 24, 2017

  • I bought embroidery yarn from her on ebay

    rosita fowler on Jun 23, 2017

  • How dumb can they get?

    Doug on Jun 22, 2017

  • Gyno

    Jenna on Jun 22, 2017

  • valid charge for a blue book website for trucks / tractors.

    Dan on Jun 22, 2017


    KEVIN BRISTO on Jun 22, 2017

  • It's a scam - Don't use this.

    Linda on Jun 22, 2017

  • Yes, instant online church directory. Same happened to me while doing billing. Was legitimate charge.

    Church Secretary on Jun 21, 2017

  • Received a text and email alert from my credit card fraud alert at midnight that a transaction for $108 had been processed. Strange since I live several states away. Closed card and received a new one.

    anon on Jun 21, 2017

  • This is a charge from Starbucks at new roc city in New Rochelle

    Amy on Jun 21, 2017

  • Yesterday, I also had a withdrawal from my bank account from AT&T K006 9968 ESTOR just under $55.00. Immediately prior to that was a withdrawal from ASDASD for .67 cents. Who is that? Was in pending status in account. Bank credited back the $55.00. Now I know this is a fraud, but the bank sure couldn't tell me if it was or not. I requested a new debit card and set up alerts, but will only allow alerts of $100 or more. Guess that's how the scammers get under the radar.

    Teri on Jun 21, 2017

  • It is for Cineplex movie theatre at Scarborough Town Center Mall.

    Alu on Jun 21, 2017

  • this was from a vendor at Faniel Hall Boston

    Robin on Jun 21, 2017

  • It's legit, we do eat at Anthony's in the Seattle Airport.

    Susan on Jun 21, 2017

  • St. Vital Cineplex Theater

    Movie Theater on Jun 20, 2017