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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • Scam $195 in fictitious charges

    Tess on Oct 30, 2020

  • I had 2 charges from Maso in September 2020. They were for dinners at Club Totem on Condamine Street, Balgowlah, NSW

    Harper on Oct 29, 2020

  • I was just alerted of a $1048.95 charge for DRI*Avid Technology. I have an online account with them but I have never purchased anything from them so they have no payment info from me. I didn't even have the credit card with the charge the last time I was on their web site.

    Ray on Oct 29, 2020

  • Got charged $178 yesterday too but they reversed the charge on my credit card. Maybe they are were testing to see if I would notice before charging more. Reported immediately to Chase bank and got a new card.

    Juli on Oct 29, 2020

  • Do you know what the source of this charge is?

    Lori J Roark on Oct 29, 2020

  • estoy sufriendo cargos fradulentos en mi targeta de credito todos los dias y hay que anular los cobros por no estar deacuerdo por lo que pondre una denuncia por tales cargos desde el dia 23/10/2020hasta el dia 27/10/2020 dias susesivos dia a dia una cantidad de 29´99euros todos los dias a mi cuenta sin yo podr hacer nada ponganse en contacto comigo 630854756 la cantidad 180euros en cinco dias ( anulen el cobro y no cobre tal abuso hacia mi persona y demen de baja en la tarjeta . cobros y abusos.

    jorge j martin on Oct 29, 2020

  • I have been disputed 2 charges . Through research I've learned the criminal has duplicated and printed counterfeit cards *ours). They are swiping *rather than run chip). This makes more difficult to prove it wasn't you. I have much documentation of my location the day it happened. I will not STOP

    Christine on Oct 28, 2020

  • i was charge 68.47 on my cash app card i want my money back because i did not give any one the right to charge my card ok

    Kyeita M Fish on Oct 28, 2020

  • it is ding tai fung restaurant in markham

    mal on Oct 28, 2020

  • He's a prolific eBay seller

    Ebay on Oct 27, 2020

  • payed once for his bots,3 months after he tryed to take 30$ from my paypal(not sure how this works) with me having long forggoten about his software or website.

    Gman on Oct 27, 2020

  • I was charged 49.00 and I would like to get a refund but I'm not sure how to do it. Please help

    PaulaCase on Oct 26, 2020

  • I needed a copy of my birth certificate. This was the LEGITIMATE charge.

    Henry Rosenberg on Oct 25, 2020

  • I keep getting a monthly charge and I have no idea what it is from odd number amounts

    Nichole on Oct 25, 2020

  • me, personally Paul R. Byron

    Paul R Byron on Oct 25, 2020

  • This has been showing up on my bank statements for months, I really don't know what this is. Could you please let me know if you have any other information about this, could you please explain what it is. Thanks

    Fiona Allison on Oct 23, 2020

  • Y’all better ask your spouses what they ordered from Adam and Eve!!! Or maybe kids idk but there some sex toys heading your way!

    Lolz on Oct 22, 2020

  • I have numerous charges on my account and it has really fucked up my life my account and I’m sick of it

    Tony freeman on Oct 22, 2020

  • Looks Like LA County Registrar Recorder, recently ordered documents.

    Card Holder on Oct 22, 2020

  • A pending fee of $1.00 showed up on my credit card. I have no idea what it is for or who Mon Value Plus is. I’ve never ordered anything from them! I notified my credit card company and hopefully they will take care of this fraudulent charge.

    Barb on Oct 21, 2020