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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • Was charged $4.99. Not sure why. removed my payment method from google

    Noreen Agis on Oct 24, 2017

  • it's Bershka clothing shop

    Sofia on Oct 23, 2017

  • I received a charge from AJAY JAIN LEAGUE CITY TX on my Debit Card. I have not yet figured out what this is for.

    Courtney on Oct 23, 2017

  • I used my credit card to buy songs from a touch screen jukebox and got this charge. Nothing suspicious for me.

    Private on Oct 23, 2017

  • Alice Colyn Warren on Oct 23, 2017

  • I have been charged $71.56 US on my credit card by Alliedw.Com London without my authorisation. Any help please offer or advice. Thanks.

    Peter Hoang on Oct 23, 2017

  • I stopped by and put $23 dollar of gas. Checked my account and they charged me $75 dollars. Calling my bank to dispute this. Never filling up there again.

    Lee on Oct 23, 2017

  • They own Tarangire Lodge in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. There address is in Arusha.

    FGC on Oct 22, 2017

  • Why is it charging me for something I didn't pay for? It's really making me mad!!!

    Dakota bell on Oct 22, 2017

  • NAU 90 is the Nautica store at Sawgrass Mills Mall.

    Helder Dias on Oct 22, 2017

  • £59.99 taken for renewal of driving licence ,, scumbags i want it back !

    Dan on Oct 21, 2017

  • Its a legitmate (and popular) VPN service

    Dave on Oct 21, 2017

  • Duty free at Malpensa airport indeed.

    James on Oct 21, 2017

  • yes, hey sell home decor I just went to craft show in upstate NY and it was a husband and wife team at a large vendor show that solf primitive decor very nice stuff.

    Andrea Brady on Oct 21, 2017

  • Duty Free Shop in Sofia, Bulgaria, Airport Terminal 2

    Duty Free Shop Sofia Airport Terminal 2 on Oct 21, 2017

  • This charge is from the bar/restaurant located at 26 N 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403. As of 10/20/17 the bar is Last Call.

    Steve on Oct 21, 2017

  • I agree with the other comments, this charge was legitimate and for a vending machine purchase of drink I purchased at the State College, PA mall.

    State College Mall Shopper on Oct 21, 2017

  • No

    Nick on Oct 20, 2017

  • Again this is an unauthorized charge on my credit card for $28.87 that appeared today. I respectfully request an immediate refund and the account closed out immediately. I do not want to continue to write you in regards to this matter again. Thank you for your immediate handling of this. Daniel Flanagan

    Daniel Flanagan on Oct 20, 2017

  • It's a charge from st.anthonys hospital from their collections dptmt.

    Piocxar on Oct 20, 2017