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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • It might be the Whole Foods (shared with others) parking ramp.

    Lance on Aug 17, 2017

  • tred to update

    pat maguire on Aug 16, 2017

  • Scam charge today from VZWRLSS*ETM SHO1 for $869.88. Notified by CC company. Closed card.

    Kniblet on Aug 16, 2017

  • I think it's from a Circle K convenience store purchase. In my case, one on Capitol Circle NE side of town.

    Paul H. on Aug 16, 2017

  • EPOCH.COM*GRANITYENT is an obscure name for CAM4 billing to use without any notification by email of pending transaction.

    Caphir on Aug 16, 2017

  • I used my debit card at my work to buy a bottle of water from a beverage vending machine. This is a legitimate charge.

    Beverly on Aug 15, 2017

  • This appears to be a branch of HM Stationery Office with links to the National Archive at Kew.

    Geoff (Edinburgh) on Aug 15, 2017

  • i had the same charge its a fraud

    john on Aug 15, 2017

  • I rang my bank and it comes up as a texeco survice station

    Ash on Aug 15, 2017

  • Coffee shop at the Rensselaer-Albany Amtrak station

    Alex on Aug 15, 2017

  • ??

    dawn zangaro on Aug 15, 2017

  • who are you why taken money from my account

    anderson on Aug 15, 2017

  • I ordered products from "Baroness". The charges came under Materov LTD. The product was accidentally returned to the sender by the post office, USPS tracking proves it. They took the product back, never issued a refund. I have been trying to contact them in every possible way, they are not answering my emails and they kept both the product and the money.

    Anonymus on Aug 14, 2017

  • I got it recently along with other unknown charges. I shut my card down immediately.

    Kitty on Aug 14, 2017

  • Tried to fraudulently charge my card $200 yesterday. Thankfully my credit card company caught it, declined the transaction, and notified me.

    BuffaloNY on Aug 13, 2017

  • Its a legal charge. My Store its located at Central Market in San José.

    Jacobo Vainer on Aug 13, 2017

  • I have just picked up a $568 charge on my bank account by this bunch of criminals. Blocked the card immediately.

    Steve on Aug 13, 2017

  • What is this?

    Nemoseenmed Ca on Aug 13, 2017

  • It would appear, given the number of people who've queried and complained about charges from this company, that one of the following is true; - The company engages in fraud with stole credit card details, - An employee of the company engages in fraud with stolen credit card details, - The company is a simple method for fraudsters to check the validity of stolen credit card details. I live in Australia, have no intention of ever visiting New York nor purchasing anything from there (especially not fresh food, which wouldn't be very fresh by the time it got to me), yet they attempted to charge my card in the wee hours of this morning. Thankfully my bank was on the ball and immediately blocked the transaction, but I will now have to go through the PitA process of getting a completely new card issued. If you see this charge on your account, CONTACT YOUR CARD ISSUER IMMEDIATELY.

    Bob on Aug 13, 2017

  • I just had two charges show up from this company on my visa. The lady at Avion said that it was a "budget" phone company and lots of people order disposable phones online. She also mentioned that she could see that my cc number was manually punched into the system, so totally fraudulent.

    sarah on Aug 12, 2017