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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • My account got charged for $375 from ftp… never even heard of it before and im not subscribed to anything.

    Elizabeth on Jan 21, 2022

  • An American company claiming to give legal advice, but don’t actually get through. Was charged $13 which was supposed to be refunded, but wasn’t, so very concerned that they will start taking out a monthly fee. I live in Australia

    WoolworthsonlineBellaVista on Jan 21, 2022

  • I purchased kids disney clothes at wds

    Ita Sheridan on Jan 20, 2022

  • I did not give authorization for your company to renew this magazine, I want my Visa card to be credit the deducted amount of 24.99 on 12/23/2021. If you need to speak to me call: 407/330-8395. Anita Mann, 206 S Scott Ave, Sanford, FL 32771. email: Thank you, please confirm this was received.

    Anita Mann on Jan 20, 2022

  • I was charged as well - on a card I never use for Amazon. Called it in to my credit card company immediately. Definitely fraudulent

    sUSAN on Jan 20, 2022

  • Bank of America text me asking if I used debit card at FTP Financial Times for $1.00 I’ve never even heard of this company! This charge looked suspicious to my bank, so they put hold on my card. Called bank and they need to send me a new debit card.

    Ronnie on Jan 20, 2022

  • 1700.18 charge not recognized - scam!

    Christina on Jan 20, 2022

  • Total scam, don't know how the accessed my account but absolute scam, then 3 more scam sights hacked my acc in quick succession shortly afteresrds

    Gill on Jan 19, 2022

  • I ordered 5 pairs of ugg boots through PayPal Kaliba 7700 Eastport Parkway 4029 on December 27,2021 It was supposed to have shipped 72 hours after order was placed, up to date I have not recieved anything. No contact # there is only an email and left numerous messages with no reply.

    Carmen Vazquez on Jan 19, 2022

  • Vending machine for Pepsi

    Ben on Jan 19, 2022

  • Keep getting these charges and I hate games! It would never be in my phone or even a look up for one.

    Donna w. on Jan 19, 2022

  • I was also charged $9 for no reason I would like to get my money.. anyone has ideas what I can do ?

    Princess Sandoval on Jan 19, 2022

  • This is a legit charge from the gift shop in MassMutual Financial Building located on State street in Springfield MA

    Lori’s Gift Shop MassMutual on Jan 18, 2022

  • I trust Kathy more than my doctors. She really cares about you. At 45 years old after a total Hyst. I really thought life as I knew it was over. After 6mos of feeling really bad a friend told me about Kathy. It was a gift. It took a while to get me back on track but she never gave up. that was 20 ago. I still trust he. she is the best.

    Sandy Tucker on Jan 18, 2022

  • This is the gift shop at the Mississippi Natural Science Museum.

    Jason Adams on Jan 18, 2022

  • I ordered something from Etsy that came from Ukraine. This showed up as Westernbidi on my account. Totally legitimate.

    Jules on Jan 18, 2022

  • Purchased tools at a farm show 1/12/2022, MPP tools is legit, MPP Tools Big Lake,MN IA on my receipt

    Paul on Jan 18, 2022

  • I saw a charge on my credit card I did not authorize from this company The Foat. Lucky my credit card company warned me about it. I never heard of this company. They are in California and that is were it was used. But I don't even live there. They are a scam. Watch your statements protect your card.

    Amanda on Jan 17, 2022

  • what is it

    FINDANYMANUAL on Jan 17, 2022

  • Nautica ECommerce, fraudulent charges of $532, 65.47, $352, $352, all declined by my bank and credit card deactivated

    Angela Ellis on Jan 17, 2022