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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • 9 dollar transaction i did not authorize

    Tameka fletcher on Jun 05, 2020

  • I have been seeing this charge on my charge/ bank card so far since 2018.

    Marvin Howard on Jun 04, 2020

  • Unauthorized charge. Reporting to the Better Business Bureau

    America Munoz on Jun 04, 2020

  • Just got me on BBB store # 651 for 76.11 ! Reporting it to the bank in the morning !

    Randy on Jun 04, 2020

  • I have a charge on my card and it is fraud, I have not authorized anything on my card from this. There needs to be a refund on my account now! This really pisses me off. I did not authorize anything.

    Angela Langiano on Jun 04, 2020

  • Cafeteria at Kelsey Seybold main campus

    CJ on Jun 03, 2020

  • 2 fraudulent charges in the same day for pm I've never even heard of it!

    C lenoon on Jun 03, 2020

  • I got 2 charges totaling $350!! NOT AUTHORIZED!!!

    Tammy on Jun 02, 2020

  • Charge in my PayPal for 60.98 USD that I do not remember ever making on the 13th of May.

    Hannah on Jun 02, 2020

  • The fact that people have to question these charges on their accounts obviously indicates a place where stolen credit card numbers are used. With several charges occuring on the same day for lower amounts, it would indicate that someone is filling friends vehicles with gas and goodies with a stolen card, either knowingly or unknowingly condoned by the owners of the store.

    B Thompson on Jun 01, 2020

  • I don't no who they is and I'm being charged watch your account scam

    Mathews on Jun 01, 2020

  • VCN*SCAROLINAVIT Columbia SC Wondering what this charge is

    Kaitlin Rojas on Jun 01, 2020

  • Two payments taken from my credit card

    Panini spa f1c on Jun 01, 2020

  • 1st Day School (order school supplies that are sent to your kid's school)

    RyAngela on Jun 01, 2020

  • This is the abbreviation for Fast Lane Discount Tobacco. They have shops all over ky.

    Shawn Allen , Shelbyville, Ky. on May 31, 2020

  • I see that I have four charges made by CaliforniaP on May 19th of $706.69 and I did not authorize these purchases. I'm calling PayPal Fraud Dept and register a complaint. I do not have dogs and I certainly wouldn't pay $700.00 for dog food. Total fraud!!!

    Pat Cameron on May 31, 2020

  • this is a fake company they will try and charge u two days in a row ive been charged $39.99 and both times they try to do it in the AM time when ur asleep but thank god my bank did not approve their charge each time and i even was sent a text saying if it was me who charged and i said no thank god my bank is smart enough to stop it every time they try to take money wich has been two days in a row now and both days my bbank puts a stop to them peole bevarefull fc=fck CRsT they wont get me Thank you to my bank account for declining them even b4 asking me

    ZZZXccxz on May 31, 2020

  • - its a fraud. Forced me to change my credid card number

    VBeck on May 30, 2020

  • No, this has never happened to me before , and i want to know why now , i believe to be suspicious....

    Cathy Chavez on May 30, 2020

  • Website offering male enhancement supplements

    Handyman on May 30, 2020