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  • no

    benjamin r ayers on Oct 07, 2022

  • They used my FSA card here and cleaned out my account

    Cindy on Oct 07, 2022

  • Attend to charge £0.00 which my card provider blocked and marked as suspicious- I don't have any account there and I didn’t even know what shutterstock is till now…

    Mario on Oct 06, 2022

  • 37,35 $ Sure Kowloon 30 août 2022 Mastercard Allure **** **** **** 0749 BB-WWW.SURE KOWLOON HKG

    Carolle on Oct 06, 2022

  • unknown charge on bank statement

    Armstrong 752 MORE on Oct 06, 2022

  • So someone just tried to buy $222.83 worth of sex toys or lingerie with my debit card apparently!!! Thank goodness my bank is awesome! They text me and called me after immediately flagging the activity as suspicious and asked me if I believed it to be fraud. I said absolutely!!!! So it was stopped before it ever got taken out, however, my darn card had to be cancelled and a new one ordered which is a ridiculous pain in the butt! I’m going to have to go back to being very overly cautious with who I make online purchases thru! Ugh!!! I never shopped at Adam and Eve before I know that!

    Naomi on Oct 06, 2022

  • On February 14, 2022 I ordered the PDF Pro Application which I paid for thru PayPal. BUT I continue to be sent the link to the Phototools_2_6_3 application. Both applications are the same price. I have contacted them three times for the correct link and license number so I can use the application. I am beyond frustrated at this point. If I don't get the PDF Pro this time I will ask for a refund. Geesh.

    Frustrated Penny on Oct 06, 2022

  • I got two charges for Dncss how can I have my money back I don’t even know this company and why they are charging me what can I do so it won’t happen again

    Viridiana on Oct 05, 2022

  • what is the charge for

    thomasine gilliam on Oct 05, 2022

  • For me this was parking while at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

    Dan on Oct 04, 2022

  • My daughter cash assistance was stole at 10 13am today. Need it back. Reporting it

    Jessie Cooler on Oct 04, 2022

  • What is this charge?

    Margie Outing on Oct 04, 2022

  • August and September my bank account was charged $14.95each month. I called them today and when I tried talking to the person, that was Indian, all he could do is ask me private questions such as my birth date my physical address, etc. He said it was to verify my account. He never woud tell me what this company did. I told him I was going to report the company ass a scam and call my bank to stop payment. It was all the persoonal quetions that got me.

    Leslie V Hudson on Oct 03, 2022

  • They took over $500.00 of my money

    Yvette Eid on Oct 03, 2022

  • I got off lightly! I was debited USD 6.20 on 14 Sept (DNH*DOMAIN HOSTING SRVCS 480-62) then refunded two days later so I only lost R5 on the exchange rate. I've no idea who these people are but my bank have advised me to cancel my Visa card, since it's been compromised, and get a new one.

    Stephen Pain on Oct 03, 2022

  • Scam. Be careful

    Joe Burgess on Oct 03, 2022

  • 44 the last 3 months same date- marked it as fraud

    Marta h on Oct 02, 2022

  • There was a charge from SCHELLERACI 7700 EASTPORT PARKWAY, TX 7144442906 on my paid off credit card for 14.45. This person is a scammer and theft person! He or this company needs to be found and prosecuted.

    Lynn on Oct 01, 2022

  • I have worked for the company that own, run, service and maintenance; the are located in a small town in iowa and ARE an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING COMPANY a person could EVER work for!! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT!! One of the best places to rent New Releases and Favorite DVDs with or to rent your movies from. Hands down. I'D GIVE THEM 5 out of 5 STARS!!!

    Angelia Mae McAtee on Oct 01, 2022

  • Gasolinera shell

    Eunice on Sep 30, 2022