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The credit card charge HAUTLK RACK was first recorded on July 25, 2015. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant Nordstrom Rack (edit)
Website www.nordstromrack.com (edit)
Phone Number 888-547-8438 (edit)
Category Clothing (edit)
Description NORDSTROM RACK (edit)
Phone Number


john on September 28, 2015

it was a nordstrom rack purchase for us

GB Le Pied... on November 17, 2015

It is a Nordstrom rack purchase. Same

pcb_duffer on November 23, 2015

Identical bogus charges to my credit card on consecutive days. The city shows as Los Angeles CA, the phone number as 888-547-8438. These charges came a few days after a Pay Pal charge on that card.

Grifone on December 03, 2015

As requested, we are notifying you that on DEC 03, 2015 at HAUTLK RACK a pending authorization or purchase in the amount of $370.54 was placed or charged on your VISA PLATINUM account. IT IS A FRAUD!!!

dadcfo on December 07, 2015

It maybe a legitimate company, but the charges sure are not!!! FRAUD

Julie on December 15, 2015

fraud...they just got me for several thousand

Andrew on December 15, 2015

Fraud got me for 1468.89

Beatriz on December 16, 2015

Multiple charges totaling about $1,000. Thank God my bank alerted me!

Jan on December 17, 2015

This is not something I bought. Totally bogus

hautlk rack 8885478434 on December 19, 2015

charge me $307.95 from my mastercard account. why? Fraud?

Weirdioe on December 19, 2015

For me, it was a Steve Madden shoes bought online at Nordstrom Rack

Bela on December 21, 2015

Nordstrom Rack did charge my credit card with two times approx. 600 €

Ken on December 29, 2015

Had three fraudulent transactions totaling almost $350 over the past two weeks (12/12 thru 12/23).

Ann on December 30, 2015

It was a purchase from Nordstram.

Theresa on January 04, 2016

I just got hit with 13 charges today totaling 8 thousand within an hour! Called credit card company reporting the fraud.

VIR on January 05, 2016

Throught this page was charged to my credit card 300 USD, was a fraud and I reported this to my bank.

Justin on January 06, 2016

i got 2 hit like 4000 usd like 2 mins, my bank just call to me, it's fucking scam

Lame on January 06, 2016

Yeah me too for $455.55. Pending authorization - two transactions, one for $1, and the other for the $455.55. Was from my business credit card associated with my business checking account. Assholes.

SDM on January 08, 2016

Just got a notice form my credit card fraud protection service for a charge of 145.50 on my account.

Brian Khong on January 12, 2016

Multiple charges totaling about $5,110 . What happened? How can i get the money back?

Brian Khong on January 12, 2016

Multiple charges totaling about $5,110 . What happened? How can i get the money back?

MDS\HAULTLK RACK on January 13, 2016

They took 115$ after I pay my one 50$ boost Mobile bill and they took it as I payed my phone bill off my phone app so watch your information everyone...

Ticked Off on January 14, 2016

Was hit for $700 in charges to RIF6.com and Nordstrom Rack (apparently). Charges came almost immediately after making another online purchase which required payment by Authorize.net.

Cathy on January 14, 2016

attempted fraudulent charge of over $1,500.00.

Cathy on January 14, 2016

Hautlk Rack

Tony. on January 16, 2016

Fraud - got hit for a large amount on or around January 15, 2016.

Tony. on January 16, 2016

Follow on from above comment - whomever did it charged and cancelled a hotels.com and charged a few hundred at a mall. All fraud. So check other charges made at or around the same time are for real.

Joe on January 18, 2016

Jan 14th 2016. Fraud for 5480$

Mark on January 19, 2016

2500USD! Fraud

selena on January 21, 2016

2 separate purchases at this place Los Angeles Hautlk Rack and I did not make them - January 20, 2019

Robin on January 22, 2016

Haute Look is sister company to Nordstrom Rack. In my case I purchased a pair of shoes from The Rack but it was pulled from Haute inventory therefor showed up as HAUTLK on credit card statement.

Kim on January 17,2016 on January 28, 2016

Charged to card1,224 never purchased sent to a California address and I live in the east

business in CT on January 28, 2016

got hit twice in same day $3,000 and $4.000 puchases FRAUD same think posted HAULTLK

business in CT on January 28, 2016

Fraud, got hit twice in one day 7 thousand dollars total. Business charge was frauded we are in CT same name was posted HAULTLK

QDAWGG on January 29, 2016

Got me with multiple charges totaling about $2000 to Hautrack in L.A...all fraud...called bank, filing fraud claim, waiting for credits...would LOVE to get my hands on whoever' doing this..a-holes

SSsss on January 29, 2016

someone charged $1200.00 on 1/28/16... called bank and trying to dispute this transaction.

Nordstrom Rack on January 30, 2016

Card was hacked. 7 fraudulent charges to HAUTLK RACK. Obviously a favorite of criminals.

Nordstrom Rack is HAUTLK RACK on January 30, 2016

7 fraudulent charges to my account in January. HAUTLK RACK is Nordstrom Rack. Favorite of criminals.

Bruce Jones on February 02, 2016

Tried to get me for 922.00, then again for 827 and again for 276. All within 2 days. Bank shut my card down after the first try at 922. Thanks for bank fraud system.

BILLM on February 03, 2016

Got two fraud charges for 3002,43 and 3480.99. BoA had to cancel card. They showed up today (2/3/2016) but indicated it was done 2/2/16

arp on February 07, 2016

Same happened to me Feb. 6th- charges of almost $600 to hautlk-rack. I am praying I get my money back, does anyone know if you do?

sssssss on February 15, 2016

14th Jan 2016 my card was charged 4 times total amount of 1200 USD i would suggest not to use the card on any website for purchase of air ticket or hotel booking as they will swipe the card on international website and we dont get OTP to our mobile, before purchasing we need to clarify if the card is used on international web site. this information was given from the bank to me so i will never use my card in future. I have changed my card 3 times for the same reason. once we get waiver we will be charges difference in amount with i paid about Rs. 4000/- for no reason.

_ on February 16, 2016

Charged about $400 dollars, thankfully we were able to reach the bank and they canceled the credit card. Why are they still doing this? They should be banned

HUGOF on February 19, 2016

They charge my credit card in US$2000 through their website. I think they are serious company, but with poor security rules to check fraudulent online shopping.

FromAsia - Indonesia on February 22, 2016

It was billed to me for USD 884,77. Thank God my Bank called to confirm the transaction. And it was cancelled the following day. I was in Korea when it happened, the transaction came from LA. What a scam!

MAD on February 23, 2016

How can this go on so long! Same deal, made on line purchase at Nordstrom Rack and the next day 8000 in charges in hours, 5000 was this HAUTLK RACK. Never use your credit card at Nordstroms!!!

annoying! on February 23, 2016

Fraudulent charges over $500. had to cancel my card. very lucky my credit card company saw it and alerted me. Can't they see where these purchases are being delivered and catch the criminals???

Ron on March 01, 2016

Just had a couple fraud charges to this merchant come through on my credit card yesterday. Removed already by the bank.

tiffany on March 02, 2016

We got hit today for 790 usd and can't get anything done till tomorrow. And that was our rent,water,and electric money.

Mia on March 03, 2016

Scammers are either hacking pay pal or the legitimate Nordstrom Rack Haute Look. My bank caught this before funds released!

Rosie on March 03, 2016

March 3, 2016 Just tried to use my visa to make a purchase through fullbeauty and Hautlk-rack tried to put through thousands of dollars in charge which fortunately my credit care company caught and refused. I tried to inform fullbeauty about this and they were not interested in hearing about it; didn't even want to know; said their system is secure - end of discussion

SCARED STIFF on March 04, 2016

I got dinged for over $2,300.00 - like others said, thank god my bank alerted me. I trusted paypal, don't know what to think now.

Ángel on March 06, 2016

Nos acaban de mandar 5mensajes de alertas or compras a traves de la tarjerta que tenemos para haver pagos por internet por valor de unos 1500 euros y dolares menos mal que esta tarjeta es como un monedero y solo tenia 72 euros que creo que no han podido hacer ningun pago mañana lunes pasare por la oficina para poder comprobarlo las compras se han querido hacer en New york y en los Angeles en VEZKABOX TINYP Y HAUTLK RACK

L. WILSON on March 14, 2016

My credit card was comprised to the tune of $2430 in February. Very worrisome that this rampant fraud has been going on for so long.

Wailermon on March 17, 2016

Bogus charge of $500 + pm 3/16/16. Why is this STILL happening?

CHERYL C on March 18, 2016

Apparent fraudulent charge to my account on 3/12/16 for $179.75. Will call my bank tomorrow AM.

Brittney on March 19, 2016

Just got hit. $529.82. Called bank immediately and blocked my cards.

Brittney on March 19, 2016

Just got hit. $529.82. Called my bank and canceled my cards and will get new ones tomorrow. I hate stupid people.

JujuD on March 22, 2016

Got hit today for $526.84. Cancelled card, new one ordered. This is why I keep one credit card STRICTLY for online purchases. Pay a bit extra for the card and have $0 Liability on fraudulent charges, I.D. theft coverage, etc. I highly recommend you do same, because this is the third time in less than a year. I have many auto pay accounts, (automatically pay regular monthly bills using a credit card account.) If I had needed to cancel all my auto pay accounts three times in a year?? Forget it!

Deb on March 24, 2016

Got hit for two charges 3/18 on my Debit card--$21.42 and $528.02 from HautLK. Fortunately the bank called me--six fraudulent charges all told--four of them had already been credited back before the bank called me (different name). I called store where I used the card--they were quite concerned as it's the first place I had used the card in about two weeks-so everything but those purchases had been cleared. Bogus charges showed up the same day.

N/A on March 31, 2016

Fraud charges appeared on my debit card as Hautlk Rack 888-547-8438. Thank goodness my bank denied the charge. Who knows how much it was... Now I have to deal with the nonsense of cancelling my card and getting a new credit card...

Conbo on April 05, 2016

Was hit 4/3/16 with numerous changes. Fortunately only one went through before my bank called me and canceled the card. Disgusting.

Conbo on April 05, 2016

Hautlk rack in. CA

Nell on May 03, 2016

Fraudulent charge to Hautlk Rack (and others) today - Credit Card Co caught it right away and cancelled card.

Thot on May 15, 2016

My debit card number was stolen and over $400 in charges were racked up and one was from this Hautlk Rack company. I am checking out all of the charges and they all seem to be gift cards but google brought me here on this one so I still don't know what it is but the thief was pretty stupid with their charges as one was food delivery which has to go to an address. I just hope my bank prosecutes as well as removing the charges.

Rebecca on June 24, 2016

Bank spotted the fraudulent charge immediately and took care of things. Obviously, banks are aware. I have never been contacted by a charge before.

Angela N on May 18, 2017

It was Nordstrom Rack for me. I had forgotten about a pair of shoes I ordered online from Nordstrom rack. Great price, by the way.

Jerry@CA on August 24, 2017

Fraud alarm today on my Chase credit card!That's a Fraud!!!

Christy in Alberta Canada on October 23, 2017

Hit my card for $878.63US / $1054.57 CAN on September 25, 2017

Dave In Pa on December 02, 2017

It's a scam... for 224.44. Chase alerted me about the charge and closed out card. When new cards statement came it showed the scam amount. Spent about 30 min on phone to clear it up.

Karen Ostrach on December 10, 2017

Yes, it is Nordstrom Rack. Why doesn't it just show up as Nordstrom Rack????

William Mc grath on April 08, 2018

Just got hit with a $3006.87 charge to Nordstrom rack. Have never shop there in my life.

Paul cohen on April 25, 2018

Got charged $154.00 to my Wells Fargo credit card. I didn’t make any purchases. Fraud.

Carol D on August 23, 2018

i got a fake bogus charge to my debit card from Haultk Rack for $261.23 - pending at first, then charged...I do not order from them ever

R.W.M. on September 18, 2018

HauteLook/Nordstrom cc Mastercard charge of $1,347.98 fraudulent charge on Aug 3, 2018

Mike Dar on September 27, 2018

Same 4 me, a Nordstrom and another, same ph#, called and cancelled debit card being used, had made a paypal purchase a couple days ago. Something like this happened a few years ago using paypal and an internet purchase.. was browsing via a google search and on the same computer my same account was drained to the bone.

Rose in Inpls. on Oct 6, 2018 on October 06, 2018

This HAUTLK RACK company (or whatever it is) hit my personal bank account and tried to ROB me of $347.59. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! I was down at my bank first thing the next morning. They straightened it out for me and reimbursed my money. Of course my bank will pursue an investigation on this company. If I can help in this investigation of this company I will certainly do so. Rotten people. As far as I am concerned if and when they get caught, I hope that they get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.(Lousy, worthless, no-count company.)

Raj on October 10, 2018

Got multiple charge on my american express card. just reported this to fraud dept.

Raj on October 10, 2018

Got multiple charges on my amex card. Just reported to fraud dept.

Beth on October 11, 2018

Someone got a hold of my HSA Visa number and charged $1266.89 worth of clothes from this place. UNREAL. I guess they have very lax standards for accepting credit cards over the internet.

Renee on October 13, 2018

Check your bank statements. This fraud transaction of $199.00 was thankfully caught and denied by the fraud transaction team of my bank card.

Terry on October 13, 2018

Was charged $214.20 on my Visa. Going to fraud dept. for them to investigate further.

BEEJ on October 15, 2018

It's legit, I thought it was a scam but realized it was bc I ordered a belt from Nordstrom & forgot about it, called the number on my bank statement to find out it was them.

Gran on October 15, 2018

Bank's fraud alert stopped the charge from going through. I have not used this card for over 5 years and today it showed up. Neither do I shop at Nordstrom's Rack.

Cory on November 02, 2018

I bought something off eBay. Used pay pal and the next day, I had 4 different transaction from my checking account totally about a $1000. How has this not been shut down by now? Haultk Rack is a fraud! I'm pissed!!!!

Lorna on November 15, 2018

Over 3500.00 attempted on my debit card today. Thank God my bank denied the transactions.

Isaiah on November 18, 2018


Fraud on November 19, 2018

Thank god TD bank didn't put it through.

Hautlk Rack on November 23, 2018

Was a $244 charge I did not make. Chase Bank caught it...Thank you.

Cheryl on November 25, 2018

It’s from Nordstrom rack

Cheryl on November 25, 2018

It’s from Nordstrom rack

Cheryl on November 25, 2018

It’s from Nordstrom rack

HAUTLK RACK on November 27, 2018

Fraud - Oddly after I used the card for a purchase on Etsy.

Raf on March 25, 2019

Bought clothes at Nordstrom Rack Online. Have an automatic text and email for every CC transaction. Legitimate purchase. If you or an authorized user didn't make a purchase, you better call your bank because your card account may have been compromised.

Yana on May 02, 2019

got hit on my card last night for 318.72. Good thing my husband caught it this morning. They also charged a ton on my card this morning that is still pending. Already reported to bank. They even tried to charge again after my card was cancelled so found out the person is in Chicago.

Stan on August 09, 2019

I got a text message from my credit card company notifying me of a charge that they declined. Rather than reply to the text, I called the number on the back of my credit card. It was indeed a fraudulent charge, so thy cancelled my card and will send me a new one with a new number. Thanks to the credit card company's fraud system I lost nothing!

Paula on August 18, 2019

Got the text alert this morning. Thank you Chase! I did not make this $356.21 purchase at HAUTLK RACK. A minor inconvenience to cancel & wait for a new card, but compared to what the thief could have done, I can live with it. Just too bad this crap happens. Even sadder that the culprit will likely never see the inside of a jail cell.

Bin on August 27, 2019

Was very suspicious, then I remembered we ordered cloth online from nordstrom rack

Cindy on September 02, 2019

Was just notified by my bank here in GA charge for 734. 82 to HaultkRack. Never heard of it, so this is a continuing fraud. Get it fixed!!!!!

Cindy on September 02, 2019

Was just notified by my bank in GA charge for $734.82 from HaultkRack. Never heard of them and certainly don't shop at Nordstrom. Ongoing fraud. Get it fixed!!!

Cindy Bibber on September 15, 2019

They got me for several days and large amounts! Fraud alert notified me.

B Black on October 24, 2019

Tried to charge my credit card several times in different amounts totaling about $1000.00

Eun kim on November 21, 2019

My card was charged $945.00. What a scam.

Eun kim on November 21, 2019

My card was charged $945. What a scam.

Erika on November 27, 2019

It is a Nordstrom Rack.com online purchase. I called them to verify plus I did make the charge.

Paul Lankford on October 11, 2020

I orderedt ONE pair of tennis shoes, size 11. The shoes have not yet arrived. That's all. No other purchases at that time.. Any other charges are fraudulent.

Paul Lankford on October 11, 2020

I ordered ONE PAIR of Tennis shoes and nothing else!!!!!! Any other charges are fraudulent.

Bernadette Boyce on November 06, 2020

Fradulant purchase made with my credit card ...., thankfully bank notified me ....

peeps nolan on October 22, 2021

i would suggest not to use the card on any website for purchase of air ticket or hotel booking as they will swipe the card on international website and we dont get OTP to our mobile, before purchasing we need to clarify if the card is used on international web site. this information was given from the bank to me so i will never use my card in future. I have changed my card 3 times for the same reason. once we get waiver we will be charges difference in amount with i paid about Rs. 4000/- for no reason. CUSTOMER*SERVICE*+1*8O5*6O8-5406 PHONE-NUMBER*+1*8O5*6O8-5406 PHONE-NUMBER*+1*8O5*6O8-5406 HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER *+1*8O5*6O8-5406 CUSTOMER*SERVICE*+1*8O5*6O8-5406 PHONE-NUMBER*+1*8O5*6O8-5406 PHONE-NUMBER*+1*8O5*6O8-5406 HEADQUARTERS PHONE NUMBER *+1*8O5*6O8-5406

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