What is wc *mon saving central mn?

The credit card charge WC *MON SAVING CENTRAL MN was first recorded on October 16, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Ccmlineprotection (edit)
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Phone Number 1866-2304983 (edit)
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Donna on October 04, 2016

Took $1.00 from my bank account WC *MON SAVING CENTRAL NOT AUTHORIZED! SCAM!!

simbablue on April 19, 2018

charged $2.95 to my account, and also a charge for $4.95 for Your Money Advantage, which I have no clue where this one came from since I did not talk to, or order anything from Your Money Advantage.

Unhappy on May 24, 2018

I believe mine came from when we bought one of those air fryers. We had a hard time with the company so this probably came out with that and supposed to get a welcome kit and never got it. .

hans on June 23, 2018

6/22/2018 charged $1.- to my credit card. it is charged by: "wc* mon saving central 800-916-8340 mn". i got no idea were from and what for.

hans on June 23, 2018


hans on June 23, 2018


hans on June 23, 2018

don't know the source

hans on June 23, 2018

i don"t know

Michael jay on November 17, 2018

Same here they took 2.95$ right out of my account today it may be a scam that websites you may order from .....watch the websites you order from ....

marci on December 08, 2018

took 24.95 from my account

Jennifer couture on December 15, 2018

I want money returned to my bank asap because you didn't have authorize to take $24.95. Already commented on this before now please refund me and then take me off list so you don't do this again

Trent13az on February 12, 2019

I just bought one of those smokeless grills and they threw in the air fryer for only p & h. i too had $1 taken out by MON SAVING CENTRAL MINNETONKA MN. but it was returned the next day. WTH?

Barbara Hirch on April 18, 2019

I was told when I called to demand charge amout return that I got it through some call in order, which for me could be pizza hut or my pharmacy. I cancelled my card, they did close my "account" and they could not tell me what order source it was linked to because there are thousands of accounts. My credit union said it can be thru pop-ups but I ordered something over the phone! according to this scam group.

Barbara Hirch on April 18, 2019

They can't tell me source because they have "thousands". They did refund and cancel so-called account started they tell me when I made a phone order, THat suggests pizza hut o my local pharmacy.

RAM on July 03, 2019

Showed up on my bank statement after a phone purchase using my debit card. My bank called me to see if I new what it was or if it was fraudulent. Thank God my bank card is vigilant about checking these things!!!!!!!

Granddaughtercaring4grandmother on July 04, 2019

Just got an email from grandmas bank saying this charge of 24.95 (seems to be the going rate with tjese people through my research) was declined thank goodness. I did her bills today and went grocery shopping at price cutter and thats it! Noway did we make this purchase for who knows what! SCAM GALORE! GROSS..people need to get a real job instead of steal from others! Or maybe spend some time with their family? Who knows what could have happened if the bank didnt crack down on "weird" purchases. Thank you to all the banks that do their job!

john on September 21, 2019

Same here don't don't where this is coming from. tried to call number on my statement nothing happen,

Gene on September 27, 2019

Called, said let me check, waited 12 minutes, no further response. Will alert credit card company.

Total fraud on September 30, 2019

Marketing company for many companies like Wyndham resorts. Its a monthly scam charge giving Wyndham a black eye. Hope they realize this.

Alisha on October 04, 2019

Yes they charged me 27.95 I don't know why I didn't order anything offline today

Doris on October 09, 2019

Received text message from credit card checking about charge of $2.95. Did not purchase anything from them.

Susan on November 22, 2019

Took $24.95 from my checking account through my card. I do not know who these people are. Never heard of them before.

WTP on November 27, 2019

We rarely use our Discover card, so the only charge this month at $24.95 charge from "8009168430SVINGSCENTRL 800-916-8430 MN" really stood out. We called Discover immediately when the bill arrived., They stated that it was a recurring charge (this was the first time), promptly marked it as fraud, cancelled our card, and shipped new cards with different account numbers that arrived in a few days. Apparently, the crooks running this scam figure that smaller repeating charges may just slip by customers for months before being discovered. Be careful out there!

Rich on November 29, 2019

a one dollar charge showed up as pending on our TD bank card. listed as an ATM POS transaction under WC * MON SAVING CEN. we called bank and killed the ATM card. not sure what business or scam this is, but the charge wasn't authorized.

Kristin on January 23, 2020

I am at Citi Bank with my mom who is on a fixed income and these jerks at Mon taste 4 savings has been taking $24.95 out of her account for sometime making her thing she is losing her mind. Why after all these complaints no one is doing anything! Nn

Diana on January 28, 2020

The phone number is attached to the charge (i.e.SAVINGSCENTRL 800-916-8430 MN). Call it and they will explain it. I did and was told that my charge of $.49 was for a trial membership to some service that I don't remember subscribing to. They stopped the membership after the trial membership ends.

Vinny s on February 02, 2020

They took 30.00 twice from me. I called them and snapped. I told them they were scammers and if they dident return the funds there would be problems. I dont know how they can just get into an account.

Theresa on March 10, 2020

Just noticed a $2.95 charge on my debit card acct. Called and demanded they cancel and refund! Grrrrr How to they get away with this? Now I have to get new cards.

Kim White on May 02, 2020

they took $27.95 from my account. Caused my other payments to not go through. Im so angry.

Kim White on May 02, 2020

they took $27.95 from my account and I have had all my other payments made delinquent. Im so angry.

Kim White on May 02, 2020

Unbelievable. A my payments r bouncing due to this company charging me for NOTHING.

EC what is this company charging us for?? on May 05, 2020

Taking $29.95 from me, and I have no clue why.

EC what is this company charging us for?? on May 05, 2020

Charging me $29.95 and for what!!!

EC what is this company charging us for?? on May 05, 2020

Charging me $29.95 for a service I did not request and I don't know why??

Dumbass on May 23, 2020

I can't believe I've been being charged 24.95 for 2 years and just noticed. I feel like a dumbass. I'm so embarrassed... I don't know what I signed up for or with who! I'm so pissed!

LSDDCB on June 22, 2020

$27.95 on my CC charged today, 06/22/20 @ 9:36 a.m. - reported as fraud. Have no idea who, what, but I will get to the bottom it and these fraudsters will end up in Federal Prison!

Colleen Gular on June 27, 2020

These people are horrible my father in law in assisted living has a card that he can use online or on the phone with a small amount. This company has been charging small amounts fa couple of times last 2 months. The small ones I thought he had bought something for his fish tank but upon a better review they charged him 5 different times which resulted in overdraft fees -- they prey on the elderly and unaware.

thedslguy on June 30, 2020

They've been charging me 28 bucks a month. I was able to get a phone nunber from the bank. I called and she cancelled the charge going forward. 800 916 8340

thedslguy on June 30, 2020

WhenI called she said they are amembership service. So it costs $28.00 a month to be a member. I think membership is the only service they offer. I saw a comment from Unhappy (May 24) who said thy think its from whenshe bought an air fryer. I thhink mine is the same. I didn;t et it canelled in time, so my bad there. But they don;t really offer anything except a membership. But like I said, she stopped it as of that time and promised I would no longer be charged. Beware of the extra offers on those late night infomericals, I guess

Senior scam on July 06, 2020

My 90 year old mother has had a 27.95 charge billed to her visa for 4 months. This is a scam!!! They said she agreed to a membership, but they can’t tell me what she purchased or from whom. She never purchases anything over the phone. I do all her purchasing for her. Now they tell me I have to fill out pa-artwork to have her money refunded back to her. What a bunch of Crap!!!!

Michelle on July 12, 2020

I was charged 27.95 twice.Once from WC* MON VALUEPLUS and once from BLS FUNTIME SAVINGS. They are scammers. I ordered something off line once and was offered some crap. I asked the foreign Lady for the numbers to make sure I cancel the crap in the timeframe and she did. I called the next day and they charged me yesterday twice it said for last month and this month. What BS! I found the number to stop the steeling 18663142418. Good luck

E. GARBRECHT on August 12, 2020


Pamela Potter on August 20, 2020

Was charged $27.95 today. I have no idea who these people are and why they are charging my!

Debbie on September 25, 2020

Sadly, my uncle who is now in assisted living has been charged $24.95/month on his credit card for at least the last 6 months. He has no idea what the charge is. We cancelled his credit card promptly. It is sad these people prey on seniors like this.

Edward on October 09, 2020

Fraudently charged $2.95 on Oct.8, 2020 on my Synchrony Bank card. It has been reported to the fraud unit of the bank, account closed and fraud reported.

Hate scammers on October 20, 2020

Our credit charge showed an unauthorized charge of $2.95. Called bank to have charge removed.

Maria Darden on November 06, 2020 on November 08, 2020

My bank showed an unauthorized charge of $29.95.

Maria Darden on November 08, 2020

It was not two charges...only one charge on my bank account as I quoated November 06, 2020

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