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First seen April 30, 2015. Last updated on October 31, 2022.


The credit card charge "BED BATH & BEYOND #651 NJ US" was first recorded on April 30, 2015. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Randal on September 14, 2016

I purchased something from a wedding registry and it came up as this. I thought mine was fraudulent before I double checked.

Max on March 02, 2018

I have never been to NJ, and certainly never used my card there but magically got a 100+dollar charge from them, had to get a new card and file charges with law enforcement and my bank.

Jaycee Smith on September 21, 2018

I used my credit card to pay for an airline upgrade with Frontier Airlines and 2 days later my account was charged 3 times, totaling almost $1500, and the merchant shown was Bed Bath & Beyond, Store #651. I have never been to NJ and don't shop at Bed Bath and Beyond! What kind of scam are they running here?

Fungi2bewith on November 14, 2018

They're at it again! Bed Bath and Beyond #651 charged over $750. and my reserve credit was only $520 and the Santander bank let it go through! Now have to dispute the charge. This should not be my problem.

Tony on June 28, 2019

They got me. $100+ at B,B & B #651 ugghh.. Ppl suck... Why cant any authority track this scam down?!!

Scammed on July 24, 2019

We just got charged also from Bed Bath & Beyond store 651 - they have been having fraud charges at that store from 2012. Same bull response from BB&B to every complaint. Since nothing has been done - sounds like inside job to me. and the company doesn't seem to care.

Donald F. Johnson on October 01, 2019

Fraudulant charge of $233.19 on 9-26-2019. I'm disputing the charge

Matt on October 09, 2019

Fraudulent charge for $276.02 10/9/2019 fro BB&B Store 651. Capital One caught it and blocked my card and shipped out a new one immediately. Sadly the store doesn't seem to care about the thousands of fraudulent purchases that occur through their website.

Perry on October 22, 2019

Happened 2x 10/16/19. 150$ and 9/5/19 205$. Bed bath beyond wtf?????

Rob on October 23, 2019

Had one at store #651 and one at the TOTOWA NJ store this week. is currently the main suspect of the cc number leak. Second time the cc number has been used fraudulently a short time after using that website.

99.03 charged by BBB #651? on November 05, 2019

Scam charge / lucky I caught and chase is canceling card ! Charge made over internet / someone got our credit card number / so frustrating

Sue on November 06, 2019

Well well well - my card has finally been compromised! I haven't shopped at a Bed Bath & Beyond for years, and when I do, it's not online! Noticed this charge last night and yes, it's the same NJ store as above, #651, for $52.49. Locked my card immediately and called the bank this morning to dispute the charge as fraud and close down the account. Such a hassle, I now got to change all the utilities who use this card for auto-pay... once I get a new one!

Jee on November 18, 2019

Just had a charge go through one of my Capital One credit cards for $121. It said it was an online order through Bed Bath & Beyond #651. I did NOT make this charge/purchase.

JR on 11/25/19 BB & B #651 NJ on November 26, 2019

Fraudulent charges from Bed, Bath and Beyond #651 NJ. Two charges, 3 days apart, each $100+. Called credit card company immediately. Card compromised and cancelled. Inconvenient to say the least, but need to check statements daily.

JR on 11/25/19 BB & B #651 NJ on November 26, 2019

Fraudulent charges, two separate transaction, 3 days apart, each $100+. Reported online, called CC company. Card cancelled due to compromise. Have not been to, nor shopped at BB & B for years. Need to review CC statements daily.

Ela BBB #651 charged on my debit card for $114.18 11-30-2019 on November 30, 2019

The transaction is still pending but the last time I shopped from them is a year ago and also I didn't purchase anything online nor any store this day with that amount. I always know how much my card gets swiped for when I use it. This is very upsetting, I removed my cc info online. I also spoke with my bank and because its still pending, I'd have to call back until its posted.

ArtC74 Fraud charge on 11-28-19 for $130.92 at Bed Bath & Beyond #651 on December 03, 2019

I recently had a fraudulent charge to my account for $130.92 Bed Bath & Beyond. When I called the number that I was given (1-855-222-1797 option 1) I have to leave a voicemail so they can get back to me. Lets just say that I'm still waiting for corporate to get back to me so I have turned this matter over to the Better Business Bureau.

ArtC74 Fraud charge on 11-28-19 for $130.92 at Bed Bath & Beyond #651 on December 03, 2019

I recently had a fraudulent charge to my account for $130.92 Bed Bath & Beyond. When I called the number that I was given (1-855-222-1797 option 1) I have to leave a voicemail so they can get back to me. Lets just say that I'm still waiting for corporate to get back to me so I have turned this matter over to the Better Business Bureau.

ArtC74 Fraud charge on 11-28-19 for $130.92 at Bed Bath & Beyond #651 on December 03, 2019

I recently had a fraudulent charge to my account for $130.92 Bed Bath & Beyond. When I called the number that I was given (1-855-222-1797 option 1) I have to leave a voicemail so they can get back to me. Lets just say that I'm still waiting for corporate to get back to me so I have turned this matter over to the Better Business Bureau.

ArtC74 Fraud charge on 11-28-19 for $130.92 at Bed Bath & Beyond #651 on December 03, 2019

I recently had a fraudulent charge to my account for $130.92 Bed Bath & Beyond. When I called the number that I was given (1-855-222-1797 option 1) I have to leave a voicemail so they can get back to me. Lets just say that I'm still waiting for corporate to get back to me so I have turned this matter over to the Better Business Bureau.

C. C. on December 05, 2019

Well they tried to get me at BB & B but I have notifications and they alerted me off the attempt and my bank declined the charge.

C. C. on December 05, 2019

Protect yourself by shutting off your cards until you need to use them and then after you use them turn off again.

IME on January 03, 2020

I had a 299.00 charge on my credit card right before Christmas from the Bed, Bath and Beyond in NJ (i live in Arizona and have never been to NJ). Unfortunately my bank did not catch it, though we did by checking the online app regularly. My credit union reversed it, but not without accusing me. I have not shopped at BB&B in many years. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR ACCOUNTS!

$183 bbb no fraud charge on January 10, 2020

Got a fraud charge from same place on 01/04/20 bank caught it before it went through but still had to get new card. Just today coworker got fraud charges from same scam. This is crazy!!!

$29 fraud charge on Feb 6, 2020 on February 06, 2020

I received a fraudulent charge for $29 from BBB - store #651. As soon as I was alerted of a charge, I was able to cancel the card and had to get a new card. What a pain...

M.B. on February 16, 2020

Bed bath and beyond online purchase for $117.38 that I never made. 02/14/2020. I bought something from the store several months ago. I reported the fraud to my credit card company.

$160 BBB charged by #651 3/02/2020 on March 02, 2020

Middle of night purchase on Capital One . Lucky I get email alerts when card is used . Never shop at BBB !

$160 BBB charged by #651 3/02/2020 on March 02, 2020

Amazing , glad I get email alerts . Had to cxl and get New Credit card

$237.55 fraudulent charge on March 18, 2020

I dont understand why this is still happening to people in 2020 when the first complaints were made in 2012. Why is nothing being done about this??

john on March 21, 2020

was charged 350.53 from bed bath beyond store #651. Never shop there now have to call discover card to have it disputed! Occured on 03/21/20

zierot on April 13, 2020

$101.19 April 13, 2020. Caught it while pending. Not sure of the outcome.

zierot on April 13, 2020

Bogus charge of $101.19 on April 13, 2020. Caught it while pending on a debit card. Not sure of the outcome.

$742 charge!! on April 14, 2020

Caught it pending as well this afternoon. Charge was made on 4/12.

Jase on May 21, 2020

May 21st 2020 $98.00 charge from these jerks. I'm pretty sure they got my info from Walmart app.. I updated my info and a few hours later got this charge. Iive in Texas never been to bbb nor that state or city. This is ridiculous.

Sean on June 01, 2020

Same here in Phoenix. $390 charge.

Michael on June 03, 2020

They got me too bed bath & beyond for 106.74 .how do you get your money back

Randy on June 04, 2020

Just got me on BBB store # 651 for 76.11 ! Reporting it to the bank in the morning !

Sam on June 17, 2020

Today I also received that charge from that specific store too! My card was charged today $134.68 at 10am EST. I have never even shopped at a bed bath and beyond before, let alone one all the way up in NJ! And I live in FL. Someone has either my bank info but mostly likely it’s my card info. I called my bank to have them deactivated my card and send me a new one.

Michelle on June 20, 2020

Chase sent me a fraud alert from BBB #651 on 6/13/20 for a $779.38. That charge was declined and my card had to be canceled. Checked my account today, and guess what? Chase let a different transaction from BBB #651 for the EXACT SAME AMOUNT slide through on 6/15/20!!! I had to call them up to dispute this new charge. What a hassle!!! I use my card too much (online and in stores) to track where it could have been compromised.

Mark on June 30, 2020

Just got notice from Discover that my card was used for this. Called Discover, it's being canceled and a new card being issued. Discover very good to deal with with this kind of thing happens

Bichi on July 02, 2020

charge from Bed Bath and Beyond pending on my bank card for 140.71 I don't shop there and have never been to New Jersey. Calling bank in the morning. Tried calling customer for Bed Bath and Beyond 60 min wait time.

Joyce on July 02, 2020

Hey everyone, Since this seems to be an ongoing issue that Bed, Bath, and Beyond won't correct, I have a suggestion. LET'S Get TOGETHER AND SEE IF WE CAN FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT FOR FRAUD. The company doesn't care about their reputation or if we lose money. (The #615 is the number used for ALL INTERNET TRANSACTIONS which it appears Bed, Bath, and Beyond doesn't verify in any way before sending.

Joyce on July 02, 2020

Get got off the phone with Manager Mary (I was on hold 1 hr 25 minutes total). She says they DO have a procedure to stop fraud. The name & address on the card has to match where the order is being sent-BUT THAT DIDN'T WORK-she doesn't know why. I have to file a POLICE REPORT and The OFFICER has to fax it to Corporate. Fax # is 908-688-8385. If I want any details I have to get a subpoena.

Jean on July 04, 2020

2 months in a row now that Bed Bath Beyond has made fraud charges on my account. Last month when I called, they gave me a ref # & promised to call back in 24-28 hours - they never did. This month 2 more charges. Called my CC, canceled the card & disputed the charges. BBB has no one staffing their offices? But sure seems they have been hacked. I won't be purchasing from them again unless I pay cash.

Andrew M. Goodwin on August 08, 2020

This morning, I deposited several hundred dollars into my account at the Walmart Super Center located on Garden RD in Burlington, NC. When I got home an hour or so later, I went online to check the deposit status. I was shocked to see two fraudulent charges form the Bed, Bath & Beyond in Patterson, NJ. My bank was FAR from helpful. I've now reported my card as stolen, and my account is locked - trapping my money - for at least one business day. I hope whoever did this gets the Coronavirus and died a horrible death gasping for air.

BB&B fraud on August 10, 2020

I had a $29 charge from store #651 TOTOWA NJ. I live in IL and have not been to TOTOWA ever in my life, let alone a BB&B. They are desperate for money. Disputed the transaction and closed the card.

Theresa on August 25, 2020

Was charged 29 for this 651 store and now can’t get anyone on the phone. Calling my bank. This is horrible.

Tom on August 29, 2020

Just charged $54.84 on my Debit Card from Bed Bath & Beyond. Informed my bank. Apparently this continues to go on and on. Where are the authorities???

Donnie on August 31, 2020

3 charges on my MasterCard for Bed Bath & Beyond #651. All made in August a few days apart. Each one was just over $100.00... had to cancel card and spend hours updating other venders that I use that card for auto-pay payments. Total BS that nothing happens to these thieves.

KMR on September 02, 2020

I have a charge for Bed Bath & Beyond #651 on my bank statement for $216.33, from 08/20/2020. Never ordered from them & have only been in the local store twice, the last time approx 3 years ago. A lot of these fraudulent charges have been linked through corrupted Amazon Market Place data, some are linked to WalMart. I have suddenly started getting fraudulent charges for not only BBB, but Adidas in South Carolina, and a place called Lush Japan which is a beauty cosmetic & personal care company based in Japan & a place called VPX Sports/Bang Energy in Florida, as well as The charges started on 08/14/2020. I had used my PayPal account to pay for an order to Fire Mountain Gems on 08/13/2020, I wonder if PayPal has corrupted data base as well as Amazon Market Place & WalMart. I have contacted my bank & disputed the charges

Mary on September 04, 2020

Got to work one morning this week, 9/2/20, looked at my account and there was a $163.78 fraudulent charge from BBB #651. BB&T told me I have to wait until the charge goes through before I can dispute it. In the meantime, I cancelled my bank card and am waiting on a new one. I had no idea there were so many people dealing with this until now. What the heck???

M. Zollars on September 04, 2020

$550 dollar charge from BBB #651. Still happening. Really ridiculous the store won't do anything about it. Canceled my card, denied charges, with Bank of America it's easy, but I still now have to reboot all my online payments. It was helpful to see all of the same issues as then I knew for sure it was a fraudulent situation. Thank you

MarH on September 04, 2020

BED BATH & BEYOND #651 973-785-4333 NJ - This is why I received a new credit card in the mail as they said my current one may have been compromised. The charge occurred on 8-24-2020 and I live on the West Coast. My CC company is investigating right now, but it appears no one can stop these criminals.

Brian on October 13, 2020

This is a recurring charge for the Bed Bath and Beyond “perks “ program.. giving 20% off every purchase..

Laura on April 19, 2021

I have a charge on my debit card to Bed Bath and Beyond #651 for $29.00. I have not been to BBB for months and would honestly buy a lot more than $29.00. I reported it to my bank as fraud.

C.Chase on May 29, 2021

Saw a charge for BBB #651 with:DONOTASKAGAINNJ following the charge of $29.00. I immediately called my credit union and closed the account. There is always a number to call on the entry-but none this time. Glad I caught it early!

DRD Pirate on August 05, 2021

Multiple debit card charges on Bank of America card (4) totaling about $1,200.00. Caught charges quickly and notified bank. Cancelled card and new one reissued. Also hacked other password. Delivery was set up for freight address in Miami. I am in Dallas.

PATTY on September 24, 2021

I have had 2 credit cards hacked by this company, 499.00 and 342.00 on a different card. I dont ever shop at Bed, Bath and Beyond. COMPLETE SCAM, when you call you cant get a hold of a person.

Mary P on October 02, 2021

9 purchases on 10/1/2021, all before I woke up in the morning, totaling $1,797.20. One charge for $134.79, three charges for $179.72 and five charges for $224.65. If that doesn't look suspicious, I don't know what does. I haven't purchased from BB&B for about 6 months and I rarely use my card in any reader. Glad I set up text alerts on my cell phone for any purchases over $1.00 so I know immediately when I've been hacked. Hackers are getting more sophisticated in gaining our information. In the beginning of COVID, all my dormant cards got hacked. Now they hacked a card I use daily through ApplePay. I understand they are hacking the Credit Card companies systems, not our individual accounts.

Ryan on January 01, 2022

BED BATH & BEYOND #651 fraudulent charge to my cc of $29.00 posted on 12/31/2021. The fraud continues.

Andrea on January 12, 2022

Woke up this morning to my debit card being charged 100’s of dollars by this BB&B in Donoaskagain, NJ. It’s definitely fraudulent. 💯

Richard on February 05, 2022

Bed bath & beyond #651 DINOTASKAGAINNJ Charged me $29 on 2/2. It seems som many people had this problem…….

D Wilso on February 12, 2022

29.00 fraud charge donotaskagainNJ on 2/3

Karen C on February 21, 2022

I can’t believe this has been going on for so long!!!! I had a fraudulent charge on 2/18/22 for 30.92 wtf

Roni Eash on June 29, 2022

This is insane all these fraudulent activities reported yet I had the same thing happen and didnt know untill I researched why isnt something being done about this Bed Bath and Beyond #651 I do shop at Bed Bath and Beyond from time to time never been to NJ and not going back to Bed Bath and Beyond Wake up this is rediculous.... address this issue!!!! these creeps are using your buisness to steal from people

Judy A on September 11, 2022

A charge appeared on our credit card statement in the amount of $144.15 on August 9, 2022 for Bed, Bath & Beyond #651 with the phone number 180-046-2396. This is a fraudulent charge made by scammers who must have accessed our credit card information somehow.

Steph L on October 08, 2022

I just went into my Bed Bath & Beyond credit cards and 5 months this year and December of 2021 they got me! Grrrrr all fairly small charges like they knew my exact line of credit! Such bs! If BBB does not address this, I will be flipping out!

Elizabeth Houston on October 31, 2022

My account was hacked by this same fraudulent charge. After reading all the comments on this site how is it this is still happening after at least 6 years?!?! I have a half mind to report this to the state attorneys office in New Jersey as well as Mt state of residence. This is unbelievable and unacceptable.

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