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The credit card charge "FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES IN NY" was first recorded on August 01, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant Financial Times (edit)
Website Ftp financial times ny (edit)
Phone 8556852372 (edit)
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Nite Hawk in PA on May 11, 2020

Was accent on my card for FTP financial times? For $67.00 calling bank! Refuse charge! Never have heard of this ?????

Dee Cee on November 24, 2020

Seems to be a file transfer protocol apparently in the name of the Financial Times New York -- and it is lifting considerable sums of money routinely (auto pay) from the credit card accounts of Financial Times subscribers. Reported to authorities. Why the venerable Financial Times isn't going after a fraudulent scam of its customers in it's good name is the question. This fraud/scam has been going on for some time, apparently first reported in 2014. Today: November 24, 2020.

Dee Cee on November 24, 2020

Typo by AI keyboard software: Should be: ..."of its good customers in its good name"...

Dee Cee on November 28, 2020

I have had it confirmed that the source of these 'mystery' charges is indeed the Financial Times (NY). Bizarrely, it took the FT days to confirm that they generated the charge. More forthcoming soon, suffice to say that, it's a shock to discover the FT -- of all businesses -- is pulling this apparent fraud/theft. As a longtime subscriber, it's an indescribable feeling of having been violated and victimized. Even if it's not deliberate fraud/theft, the FT would have to have an internal technical/accounting mess and the most lax internal controls for this to have gone on for so long, to say nothing of absolute carelessness and disregard of their subscribers' payment data. I have gone through years of emails in two email accounts -- and not a single notification from the FT. Worst practices, for sure. DC Silicon Valley CA *

Dee Cee, Silicon Valley CA on December 02, 2020

FTP* Financial Times NY is a legitimate payment portal at the Financial Times. It is being used by bad actors somewhere within the Financial Times organization to grab FT subscribers' credit card numbers/data and put fraudulent charges on those credit card accounts. Customer Service/Customer Care -- the only access for subscribers (turns out, the FT is a surprisingly opaque organization) -- will tell you the charges are for an online account. The account is fake and fabricated by the fraudsters in or affiliated with the FT, probably at or through Customer Care/Customer Service, which is facilitating the fraud and gaslighting customers/subscribers who have the temerity to inquire about the fake FT account/subscription charges. FT Customer Service is located in Newburgh NY, about 65 miles north of New York City, where the FT executive offices are located. The FT's decentralized and opaque structure enables fraudulent schemes like FTP* Financial Times NY that, again, puts fraudulent charges on its own subscribers' credit cards. This entrenched stunt was first reported to online fraud-monitoring sites in 2014, and continues still, in late 2020. Why? Because this fraud (crime) never gets past the head of Customer Care, who will tell you she has Never heard of it -- and she started at the FT in 2014 (note the year). If Senior Management over Customer Service/Care were aware of, and cared about this ongoing fraud/crime against its own customers, they should have nailed it by now -- and signed on to PayPal so frightened and outraged FT subscribers weren't stuck giving their credit card numbers to Customer Service. A pay service such as PayPal would protect FT customer-subscribers. If you have been victimized by FT* Financial Times NY charges on your credit card, immediately notify your bank's Claims/Fraud department. *Then 'Google' State of New York report fraud; it's all there clear and easy to report. And yes, it is mind-boggling that the Financial Times has financial fraud and crime in its midst -- and is doing Nothing about it.

Dee Cee, Silicon Valley CA on December 02, 2020

Make that: FTP* Financial Times NY Somehow the 'P' was left off FTP*

Dmitry on March 05, 2021

March 5th 2021 , got these transactions on my card, never used FT website or know about their existence lol, how is that possible? I had to block my cards and reissue new ones... Where do I report these, can we contact the FBI and tell them there is large scale fraud going on there so they'll investigate FT organization? :D if it goes on since the 2014, why nobody does anything about that in the police/authorities, do they not care?

Rafael enero 2022 on January 07, 2022

This scam has just started in Spain from what I see, it has just notified the competent authorities to start the formal complaint procedures

mntnsunset on January 17, 2022

Charge appeared out of no where. Credit card tagged it as fraudulent. I’ve never had any dealings with them prior to this. The charge was $375, luckily it was caught before they got the cash. Beware!

Catman on January 18, 2022

Hit my card for 375 caught it .but when you call the bank they do nothing wow

NashvilleGuy on January 19, 2022

Hit my card for $375 Chase fraud warning caught it.

Ronnie on January 20, 2022

Received text from Bank of America if I used my debit card at FTP Financial Times? I’ve never heard of this company! But Bank of America put a stop to it right away! Now I gotta get a new debit card.

Kevin on January 21, 2022

They tried to take £275 from my account. Thankfully it was caught and didn’t go through.

Elizabeth on January 21, 2022

My account got charged for $375 from ftp… never even heard of it before and im not subscribed to anything.

Florida guy on January 21, 2022

notified by CHASE of fraud charge of $375 from FTP Financial Times Transaction declined Account Closed

Keri on January 25, 2022

They just hit my cars for 375 but thankfully it didn't go thru. I have never subscribed to anything like this so I look up what company it even is and see all this. I don't understand how they can do this and get away with it.

Ruby on January 26, 2022

Same 375 just now thank God chime declined it. What can we do?

Cory on February 10, 2022

Chase fraud just texted about it $375 charge auto declined, cancelled my card.

Troy on February 12, 2022

I just got the same charge from FT for $375 2 times.

%*&!ed Off on February 19, 2022

I just got charged from this fraudulent company as well just now for $375.00, at 9:01PM in the evening! I have NEVER heard of them before, and I immediately called my bank to verify who they are, and how the charges came from my account.I blocked my card, and having a new one delivered to me. ^$#!ing scammers GO TO HELL!!! :(

ME TOO on February 24, 2022

They hit my bank 2-22-22 for 375 and my bank texted me and reversed it with in the hour. And I got a new card!! Thanks to the bank being on top of it. I'm from Texas so I've never even heard of the company

Crazy on February 24, 2022

They repeatedly tried to withdraw money from my cash app. Thieves !!! Stealing people's hard earned money !!

Marshall on February 25, 2022

Fraud alert from Chase saying they tried to take $375. Thankfully my bank declined it and closed my account.

C P Lucas on February 25, 2022

FTP Financial Times tried to charge $341.00 on my credit card. Luckily my card blocked them, and sent me a text to ask me if it was me that tried to make the purchase!

Girl from Alabama on February 27, 2022

I know nothing of this company,but they tried to get me for $375,good thing I took my money off my card…. Jail time is what you’re headed for

Former LEO on March 01, 2022

These scammers tried to take $375 from my PayPal card today. I had a $0 balance cuz it’s my old account. How has this gone on for so long without being shut down?!

Kid Loyola on March 03, 2022

Same issue on Mar 2, 2022 with bank automatically reversing the charge. Amount: $375 Transaction Merchant Description: FTP* Financial Times NY

Kathy A on March 03, 2022

Today BofA stopped a $375 charge by them. Never subscribed.

Sharia on March 04, 2022

they tried to get 375$ from my cash app and was declined ...what the h*** is wrong with people trying to rob people!

Shelli Frazier on March 06, 2022

Ftp financial times has been trying to get $500 from debit card every week. I never heard of them. I've gotten a new card and they are still trying to charge me as of today. How? How do I stop this charge

Daniel Locurto on March 14, 2022

Just notified by email that my card was used to try to purchase something from the Pokemon company for $75 and another charge for the FTP financial times that was approved for $1 canceled the charges and sending a new card

Polly on March 19, 2022

Luckily got a fraud alert from my bank about a transaction from Financial Times NY. I had a $629 transaction charged to my account. Never go to their website so not sure how this could happen. Bank luckily reversed the charge and I cancelled the charge. These scum need to get a job instead of preying on innocent people. Makes me so angry

Lisi on March 21, 2022

Ummm i have no clue what company this is and who is doing this someone tried to take out the $375.00 out of my account. I live in Texas so i don't know what is going on here. I have never subscribe to them neither i tried to go back and reset my password to see if i have nothing never came up at all. So this is a SCAM i will be getting me another card also.

William on March 22, 2022

Got a fraud alert from the bank notifying me that this FTP*Finanacial Times NY was trying to charge me $375. Thankfully, the charge was stopped.

Marie on March 23, 2022

I received a fraud alert while at work from Synchrony on 3/16/22 regarding a $1 charge from FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES. I knew I hadn't made any purchases yet that day so I Googled them and then quickly called Synchrony to confirm it as fraud. This was first time in 5 years my card has been compromised, and now I'm waiting for a new one to arrive. But I just received a notice today from Synchrony informing me that "there was no fraudulent activity. The purchases in question were pending charges not billed to your account. Pending charges may appear as temporary authorizations before an actual purchase is completed. This commonly occurs for transactions at gas stations, restaurants and online. If the purchase is not completed, the pending charge is removed." I totally get $1 pending charges that are removed, I've seen it before from legitimate purchases I've made. But I did not, nor have I ever, bought a subscription from the Financial Times. So, no Synchrony, your are wrong, it was indeed a fraudulent charge!

Stay Vigilant on March 23, 2022

Rec'd text alert from my bank about a charge to my debit for $375 from FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES, 855-685-2372, NY.... immediately called my bank because I did not authorize this and had my card cancelled. The payment appeared to be reversed, but was set up as a recurring charge.

Heather on March 24, 2022

Same thing just happened to my debit card. $629.00. Got a fraud alert so it was caught. But now the card is canceled and I am supposed to drive to Florida in the morning (18hr drive, 2 overnight hotel stays), everything booked under the old card number. What a disaster!!!

Carmen on March 24, 2022

Woke up this morning to a notification from credit card for $375 charge on my master card, luckily I receive notifications and immediately called my creditor. This is unbelievable. Same here, card is now closed and waiting on a new card. Someone needs to do something!

Rich on March 27, 2022

$375, Chase caught it. Never heard of them before today. I assume it's a global scam using a proxy to look like whatever this newspaper subcription is supposed to be. Some greasy Rissin hackers trying to by another month old big Mac before they run out. Nice try Igor.

Justin on March 28, 2022

Received a notification for a $375 charge for financial times. Cancelled my card. Bank told me that the charge was reversed but set up as a recurring payment. Only people who have so much money that they don’t check their accounts wouldn’t notice a charge like this. It’s very suspicious that this specific charge is happening to so many people.

Plssed off on March 28, 2022

Got a $375 charge on our cashapp card. Luckily we didn’t have enough on it to pay it. Canceled card, ordered another.. and before we even got it in the mail, ANOTHER $375 charge hit the NEW CARD! How’d they even get our new card # when we’ve never even received it let alone used it!! Cashapp support is absolutely worthless too. FTP Financial Times New York..

On Alert on March 29, 2022

A $375 transaction appeared on my cash App card from Ftp Financial Times New York NY. Payment was declined due to not enough cash. Cash App Support said contact the Merchant so what is the contact phone number for Ftp Financial. I've never had a problem such as this until I made reservation for a hotel out of town. I went out of town and the transactions started. Whoever it is, is also trying to make purchases to Streaming Services Business, Coda shop, Txtvrfy, & CONTENT Century Felicity OH all seem to be online purchase attempts

Mal on April 01, 2022

They just hit my card for $375.

Criselda Martinez on April 04, 2022

I do not know what this financial place is whether it's legit or not I have nothing to do with them I don't know how to get to them to stop trying to take money out of my card or I'm going to sue them!!!!!

Kaitlin on April 04, 2022

Today I got an email from capital one saying I was charged $375 from financial times. Never heard of them. Never visited any website and hardly use that card.

Dennis from Grand Rapids on April 04, 2022

Also got a charge of $375 posted to my daughter’s credit card. She is currently a sop$^#*re in college. Thankfully this bogus charge was questioned by our credit card company.

Florida on April 04, 2022

Hit my account as well today, Didn’t have enough funds so was alerted. They didn’t try once but tried twice, Jerks.

Irene on April 05, 2022

Tried to charge my cash app for $375. I've had alot of suspicious charges on my card from all over. Had to deactivate my card

Mike on April 10, 2022

FTP Financial Times attempted to steal $375 from my cash app account today. Research shows that this company has been doing this for years with no apparent repercussions. Also, many of the fraudulent thefts are from cash app cards. I contacted cash app in reference to my account and all they told me was to contact the very people who attempted to defraud me. The only reason they weren’t able to is because it’s a card I seldom use and luckily there wasn’t enough funds on the card at the time they attempted to remove the funds. If FTP Financial Times is actively defrauding people all over the country why would contacting them do any good. Also, if in the future they are successful in stealing money from my account, cash app will only tell me to contact the thief to get a refund? Seriously considering dumping cash app.

Rose in PA on April 13, 2022

I looked at my online bank statement this morning and saw FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES 855-685 with a charge of $375. My bank has already returned the funds. I don't know yet if my account number has been stolen. We are very careful with our information and this scam is infuriating!

Harold on April 13, 2022

$375 mystery charge from this org an hour ago. CC company caught it. FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES NY

Malcolm on April 16, 2022

Just got hit today with a charge of $375 but I also have had two for a $1 from Silhouette America that the bank (Cash App) blocked as well. They tried my old card which hasn't been active in over a year and the one that replaced it. How is this going to get resolved? If I ask for a new card they seem to have access to the information at Cash App. Cash App seems to not want to do anything about it. I love Cash App but I might have to find a alternative.

Sarah in Colorado on April 16, 2022

They tried to charge my cashapp card for $375 this morning! Luckily I had my card locked bc this isn’t the first time it’s happened. I need a new card for sure.

Jon on April 17, 2022

Same as all. $375 fraudulent charge attempt. Bank alerted me of suspicious charge and card cancelled. Better luck next time.

Ariane on April 17, 2022

Same $375 on my cashapp glad my account is insufficient.

Jeannette on April 19, 2022

Yes I was just charged today by them but why

Wtf on April 20, 2022

They just got me for $375. Who are these ppl???

Nicole on April 25, 2022

They just hit me for 375 to

F##king BS on April 26, 2022

Just tried my card for $375. It was blocked. If the financial times can’t address a matter like this then being complacent is as bad as doing it in my opinion.

Lindsey matthews on April 26, 2022

They have been doing it to me for weeks new card or not with cash app and cash app help sucks ...what can be done let me know luckily my card stays locked right before I do a purchase I take it off and put it back on

Lindsey Matthews on April 26, 2022

I was told if we all get together and write the congressman or senator about this they cannot ignore it and he will send the promblem to the right agency to close this down but everyone has to come together and do this so we won't get charged please everyone let's fix this

Anthony Mosley on April 27, 2022

On April 1,2022 they charged my card $375.0 that took the rest of my social security check i don't play games so please remove my information from your system

Anthony on April 27, 2022

I see more charges from this company that has been declined please remove me from your fraudulent system

Fl Luis April 29 2022 on April 29, 2022

My card was just charged 375 from FTP financial Times. Thank God I caught it in time from cash app. The person use different names when trying to take money out or make online orders. We got to do some thing about the scum bags

Zaak walton on May 05, 2022

Hey so I was hacked on cashapp and within 2 minutes they 100% drained my account with charges to and and now this! They bought $103.54 for online gaming 8 times and now Ftp financial times has tried to withdrawal $375 from my cashapp account twice. Once on Monday and the second time was today at 11:40 p.m. wtf is going on?? I don't even know how it's OK to take 375 from my account that often and for what??? What is it and why us it doing this? It already devastated my life when it took all my money and CASHAPP hasn't reimbursed me and you can't even talk to human. I'm livid, I am contacting BBB ASAP. please help me solve this because it has royal screwed me especially since I am suppose to be moved out if my current location but because it took all my money it also took my way of moving and I'm irrate!

Zaak walton on May 05, 2022

I have no idea but I want to know what it is!! Since Monday they have tried taking 375 out of my account..not only Monday but tonight at 11:40 Ftp financial times has tried again to take $375 from my acciunt!!account!!! What is it and how did they get my account information from cash app?

Troy Adams on May 06, 2022

$375 was a pending charge on my account this morning. Fraud Alert caught it. Had card canceled and a new card is on the way.

Diego on May 06, 2022

también sufrí la operación fraudulenta. Realizaron una compra con mi tarjeta de debito mas los impuestos de moneda extrajera. Soy de Argentina. EL banco canceló la operación como dudosa e hizo un reverso de la transaccion. Un total de 375 dolares

KHS on May 07, 2022

$375 charged against my card stopped by Chase

Jan on May 08, 2022

$375 charged today 5-7-22. I'm being sent a new card. I always use secure sites when ordering online. I don't know how this happened.

ashley on May 10, 2022


Thomas on May 14, 2022

They trying to take 375 bucks out of my cash app all the time I never heard of them don't want to they crooks and my lawyer is looking into them now

K doran on May 14, 2022

@Zach Walton, the same exact thing happened to me. File disputes with cash app thru email. It takes like 2 weeks, but slowly you will start to get your money back. I just now started to get my money back and they tried to hit me again. Luckily I had the new card (which I haven’t even gotten yet) locked. I keep it locked and after I get the rest of my money I’m not using cash app anymore. I’m sorry this happened to you too.

Bob on May 15, 2022

Chase just notified me that they had declined the FTP charge of $375, don’t need to get a replacement card. I have numerous entities that automatically debit my card (PayPal for example) and it would be a really difficult job to update to a new card. Just going to wait it out, have my fingers crossed. I had just applied for an Apple credit card which I really didn’t want and backed out before it was approved. Coincidence?

Molly on May 15, 2022

Same here. $375. 15May $375.00 FTP*FINANCIAL TIMES NY; As well as this charge: 14May $4.99 GOOGLE CA;

Dano on May 16, 2022

$375 attempted to be withdrawn on my account as well. Wells caught it and notified me.

Texas,USA on May 16, 2022

$375 attempted charge on my debit card. I received a Chase Fraud text reporting the fraudulent activity right away (which happened around midnight my time).

LI, NY on May 17, 2022

$375 attempted charge on my debit card. I received a Chase Fraud text reporting the fraudulent activity right away (which happened around 12:30AM my time).

ABOVE ARE THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 on June 28, 2022


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