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The credit card charge "WC *MON ESSEN FOR HOME MN" was first recorded on October 08, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant mon essen for home (edit)
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Phone 800-916-1932 (edit)
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Whoa!!!! on February 27, 2016

This operator may have yet to register on's fraudmeter, but if you Google the phone number -- 800 916-1932 -- you'll see that it's an obvious scam. Here is what one person who'd been ripped off posted: This company is a division of "Customer Relationship Services" and their number is: 800-916-1932. Apparently I ordered something online and did not see their little hidden check box. If you don't "uncheck" the box, then you are automatically signed up for their service if you do not cancel within the trial period. The "lady" with membership services could not tell me what the product that I ordered was and had to ask the cost of the monthly charge to tell me what the service was. She gave me a lecture on how I should have cancelled within the trial period. It's hard to cancel something when you don't know who, when, when, where or how to contact for an unknown service. She was going to send me a "request for a refund form"..........without bothering to ask for my address. Cancelled my card and filed a fraud complaint with the bank

junita sambahamphe on March 25, 2016

I have never become your member .I am surprised to see that i have been charged $ 24.95 from my credit card on 03/19/2016 wc*MON ESSEN FOR HOME 800 916 1932 MN. Plz refund the amount and inform me asap.

mary gordon on November 11, 2018

I never became your member shame on u and I'm going to report u

Donna Caples on December 08, 2018

I have not ordered anything from these folks but they are charging me 3.99 per month. I cancelled my card and reported it as fraud!

Patty Evans on January 03, 2019

This is a scam charge.I have never signed up to be a member or never ordered anything from this company. I have 2 fraudulent charges of 24.95 on my credit card. I requesting a refund.

G. Hobby on January 30, 2019

(2) charges for $2.95 each in Nov 2018, same day - then - (2) more charges for $24.95 each in Dec 2018, same day - then - (2) more charges for $24.95 in Jan 2019, same day... the very first charge was only $2.95, then jumped to $24.95 the next 2 months. The (2) phone numbers and company names on the bank statement are: 800-916-8293 for WC *MON PULSE MN; 800-916-1932 MN for WC *MON ESSEN. Both said they were recurring debit payments. This is my DADS account in which he has dementia and cannot remember what it is, which is why I (his POA) have taken over his banking and found it. He has a bunch of 'auto debits' for bills he pays so cancelling the card for a new one is going to be a huge task. :O/

M. Smith on March 10, 2019

As mentioned above, this is a scam. I'm helping my parents manage finances as they aren't able to monitor closely enough. Dad made a purchase from an online company and got signed up for this without his knowledge and it's been a recurring charge of $24.95 on his card for many months. These people should be prosecuted. They are taking advantage of the elderly. WC *MON ESSEN FOR HOME

R bullock on January 29, 2020

I feel that yall r wrong taking my money yall need to put it back

Cashenna lipscomb on February 05, 2020

I need my damn money back I don’t know what this is and don’t like being charged for something I don’t know about

guido on February 16, 2020

this is a scam. i never ordered=signed with them, i don't know them

David811 on February 22, 2020

I found I was charged $24.95 to my Sam's Master card by "WC *MON ESSEN FOR HOME 8009161932 MN" for a few months for which I don't know when it started. I have never become it's member or ordered anything.

Deborah Mitchell on April 03, 2020

They charged me $1.00 on 3-2-20. Then $29.95 on 4-2-20. I am very careful about ordering on line. They are a SCAM. I don't understand how they keep doing this on line. It's been years.

Deborah Mitchell on April 03, 2020

They have charged me for the last 2 month's. $1.00 & $29.95. This SCAM has been going on for years. And nothing has been done about it. These people are probably the RICHEST SCAMMERS in the World.

Phyllis on May 11, 2020

I spotted this charge and called to get it canceled. The rep said that my money would will be refunded back to my card in 3-5 business days. Scam, scam, scam...I never signed up for this whatever it was.

Pixie Mclemore on November 07, 2020

I saw this charge to my monthly check card and didn't know what it was because i haven't ordered anything. and i don't like my money being taken off my card without mme knowing where it's going ,wa t my money back

Debra Porterfield on November 09, 2020

If anyone on here is having a problem with a company called; Savings, Savings, Savings the number is; 888-300-9415. I had to CURSE their ASSES OUT because they TRIED to get SMART!!! That's WHEN I STARTED CURSING!!! This is their number IF anyone is having TROUBLE with them also GOING into your CARD ACCOUNT. I CALLED THEM EVERY NAME other than GOD with their SMART, NON CHALANT ASSES!!!

John Game on December 23, 2020

I recently found a charge for $29.95 from "WC *Mon Essen from home" back in July 2020. I did not notice it at the time and now (Dec. 2020) it is too late to challenge it. I have no recollection of Mon Essen and I cannot see that they provide any products I would have been interested in. Like many others, I believe this is a scam.

Jeff askren on March 03, 2021

These people charged 29.95 to my card . now i have to dispute it to get it back . i would like to know what kind of services they are

Patrick on June 11, 2021

I was charged $29.99 6/5/21 for what I do not know. Called company and call rep. was a belligerent $#^%*. She had my name and address. Cancelled my credit card. Will probably never see that money again. Scam!!!

Shay on June 22, 2021

We have received two charges on the Visa Card for Mon Essen - MN. These are unknown and unmade charges. Scam!

Teresa on August 01, 2021

I also received a charge on my debit card that I did not authorize

Ron on September 12, 2021

They use multiple numbers. 877 810 1075 and 877 610 1075. You get the same operator's. We got duped while activating a rewards card issued from a pet medical provider for a purchase at our Vet's Office. Scammers are everywhere.

Jack on October 07, 2021

getting charged 29.95 a month for past 3 months They cannot put the money back on my card they can take it but they can't put it back on this is a scam

Eden on November 23, 2021

I called Customer Relationship Services 800-916-1932 to check what was the $3.95 charge for from WC MonEssen For Home. Apparently it is a trial membership fee for WC MonEssen For Home. I cancelled out and asked for refund. Operator gave me a confirmation by phone. This is scam.

Donna Witczak on February 01, 2022

This is a fraud!!! I have had to change my credit card account four times since December 6th. The last time I had not even received the replacement card!!! This is a scam, even if you change accounts they find out somehow. WaaU7u

C. Parrish on September 21, 2022

I have a charge for this fake company on my Government credit card. I will dispute this charge.

Rob on January 04, 2023

Just came up on my bank and they caught the fraud right away. Bank of America has been really good at catching fraudulent charges.

Brenda Mudrack on May 12, 2023

I have never ordered anything from you people. AND I did NOT sign up for your services. Yet you charged me $36.95 for your services and you claim I signed up with you five months ago in January, which I DID NOT!!!! Please refund my money NOW!!! And let me know when you do. I also am going to report you for fraud. Because you are scammers and need to be reported. The very idea of you charging people when they didn't sign up with you is against the law. And no amount of your claiming we signed up is going to make it legal. Because based on the other comments, I'm not the only one you have done this to. Shame on you. Consider yourself reported for fraud. I hope the law does something to you for this.

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