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The credit card charge GFW*3GLDSCR.COM was first recorded on December 14, 2017. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant GFW*3GLDSCR.com (edit)
Website creditfreescore.com (edit)
Phone Number 8889544078 (edit)
Category Credit card Score (edit)
Description Didn't know (edit)
Phone Number


N. Ramsey on December 14, 2017

this is appearing on my bank statement as of today and I have no idea what it is. The charge is $39.90. What is it?



Ash on December 18, 2017

Literally have had recurring charges for MONTHS. Every single month I have to call the number and each time they say I'm "unsubscribed" form something I was never even subscribed to in the first place. But they say I am now unsubscribed and that they'll refund me and that it'll take 4-5 business days for it to show up in my account. I never has and I'm still being charged 20 dollars a month and I'm so pissed. If anyone knows how to fix this please PLEASE let me know.

Rose M Padilla on February 01, 2018

Why am I being charge $39.90? I don't understand why?

Patty on February 02, 2018

i never heard of this but they took $39.90 out of my account, so I called the number and it connected me to a Emergency Roadside Assistant .I did not call for any Roadside asskstant.

Alicia on March 2018 on March 28, 2018

Was charged $39.90 after finding this out they have been charging me EVERY MONTH $39.90.

wayne slayden on April 02, 2018

how do I stop these charges

Anne Grady on April 09, 2018

An unauthorized charge for 39.90 showed up on my statement today! I am trying to figure out what company this is. I am disputing these bogus charges!

Anne Grady on April 09, 2018

I have an unauthorized charge for 39.90 show up on my statement today. I am disputing the charges. smh.

Anne Grady on April 09, 2018

I had an unauthorized charge show up on mine, too. smh.

Anita Ostberg on April 19, 2018

I also had an unauthorized charge. I went to GoldenCreditScores.com to cancel it. You can also call to cancel it at 1-855-506-9175 or 1-888-490-0810. They will try their hardest to give you a good deal so you wont cancel. Just stay firm and interrupt them and tell them no and cancel right now. Hope this helps others.

Sarah on May 25, 2018

This is definitely a ripoff. I got the same charge ($39.90) that everyone else is reporting. They probably got my info from trying to get a $1000 Amazon gift card (another scam). Fortunately I reported it immediately and my bank is taking care of the problem for me. Who knows how many unfortunate people have been scammed by these scumbags!

Jeff totten on May 30, 2018

if anyone has tried to apply for a loan through an auto dealership or one of these online lenders, it takes you through several steps where you fill in information oh, and then the final step is for you to find out your credit score. that particular website is one of the websites that you are directed to to get your credit score For those lenders. And once you go to that website, and you enter all your information and you pay $1 for a seven day free trial, if you do not cancel your membership, they will start charging you $50 a month for their services where Credit Karma is free

SLR on July 09, 2018

I also was ripped off by this company for $39.90. They probably got my information when I was trying to get a $1000 gift card from Walmart. It is all a big scam. Lesson learned... “ If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”

Mirwais on July 09, 2018

An unauthorized payment of $39.90 was made to my account on 7/7/2018. I don't know this company and why I was charged this amount of money and for what. I think this is theft.

Alexis Murray on July 11, 2018

I been charged $39.90 and I don't know what for u would. Like to cancel this account what ever it is

Alexandra Garcia on July 14, 2018

I was charged July 13 in the amount 39.90 I don't even Know what this is so I want my money back and my card removed from this

Ann Brown on July 18, 2018

This showed up among Internet pages outlining how to get Section 8 housing. It said you had to have a credit score to obtain Section 8. The first charge of $1 which I authorized for a 7 day free trial of credit check was withdrawn on 4/16/18. No where did I see that they would charge you $39.90 every month until you get wise and freeze your credit card. Which I did. They withdrew $39.90 on 6/4/18, 4/23/18, I have since found out this is bogus. You do not need a credit score to get Section 8. They have still tried to withdraw from my account through the frozen credit card at least 3-4 times a day for the last month and been declines (including today). I know because my bank texts me that the charge for these people was declined because my card is frozen. I plan to tell them today and file the paperwork through the credit fraud division. When you do this, they check it out, and if it is bogus. you will get your money back. Good Luck

Cindy Hall on July 20, 2018

A charge of 39.90 showed up on my bank statement for Gfw*3gldscr.com. It said I had pre-authorized the charge. I called 1-855-506-9175 to cancel. A foreign sounding person answered, he was easy to understand though. He said I had signed up for a free month of credit monitoring. He did offer me some other plans at a cheaper rates.

DENNIS on August 13, 2018


Linda on August 15, 2018

I was told the $39.90 was for credit monitoring and she could not tell me what exactly that was, but it was verified by the correct answers to security questions. I was not diligent on checking e-billing statements, but I will be from now on. The credit card is cancelled and a complaint will be attempted with BBB.

Linda on August 15, 2018

I was told only the last $39.90 charge could be refunded. I will diligently be checking e-bill statements from now on. The verified my answers to login questions to my email. Thieves and I will attempt to report to the BBB.

Chuck on August 31, 2018

I do not know where and how this number $39.90 comes from and for what. I am going to dispute this charge as a fraud with my bank. I don't need road assistance, I don't need credit monitoring.

Shamika Carter on September 06, 2018

I'm getting charges that I don't know what it is and never signd up for it saying something about road side assistance. They are playing with my bill money. I need this taking care of right now

Rob K. on October 10, 2018

No I do not know but I'm sure going to find out. There is a charge on my credit card as well for $39.90 that I did not authorize.

Ray on November 03, 2018

I don’t know what the hell this charge is !!! But Chime is going to tell me what the fuck this $39.00 charge is !!! Every dam day it’s trying to charge my card !!!!!!

Lillibeth on November 24, 2018

I need cancel my account because i have a dates free..

Collier on November 26, 2018


sue j. Dec 6, 2018 on December 07, 2018

I just found a $39.90 charge on my debit account. I have never even heard of these people before. I have already taken steps to have this removed from my account. These people are crooks!!! The person I spoke with SAID he was reporting it as fraud. I did find out that it is some kind of credit reporting site.

sue j. Dec 6, 2018 on December 07, 2018

I just found a $39.90 charge on my bank account. I have never heard of these people before!! I called a number that I found on line and the person I spoke with assured me that he was reporting this as fraud. He also sent me a confirmation for a credit. These people are crooks!!! If it is true, there is a site that you can go to and report it as fraud. LSV

Sylvia on December 13, 2018

It is a company that is called to check ones credit score for $1 and if cancelled or not cancelled, $39.90 is charged to your account each month

Sylvia on December 13, 2018

This is a company that will provide your credit score for a $1 fee and continues to charge your account even if you cancel the service.

Sylvia on December 13, 2018

This is a company that provides your credit score for $1 and continues to charge your account $39.90 even if you have cancelled this service.

Lexi on December 21, 2018

They have been charging me $39.90 for the last few months now. I have cancelled it multiple times over, then they decided to charge me twice in one month so I called them and got a refund for the second charge since it’s against a their terms and conditions. Well, they then decided to charge me again for the third day in a row. Now at this point I’m done and fed up. Went to call them again and NONE of the numbers for them are in service. So I called my bank and got them blocked and reported a dispute with them now and now called the BBB because this is ridiculous.

Elaine on February 13, 2019

Crooks. Will not let you speak with supervisor or could they explain how they were able to obtain my information,

mike on 3/9/2019 on March 09, 2019

these guys are crooks. hang em high.

Ryan on March 11, 2019

its a scam set up but a BS website --- GoldenCreditScores.com i got hit with 4 months of charges i didnt notice until today.. call an cancel them horrible company.

Jerry on March 12, 2019

I got charged 19.95 and its bullshit I never authorized this it's crazy does anyone have a number to call

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