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The credit card charge "BARNEY'S INTERNET #006 NY" was first recorded on July 06, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Barneys NY (edit)
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User 01 on February 13, 2016

They are scamming people. We were scammed at a gas pump in westland, MI. Pay attention to you account when you wipe your card. They were trying to get 585 dollars from us. We are currently reporting them to the police. Just a fore warning.

None on April 23, 2017

Never heard of Barney's Internet. Only used card at one restaurant and two gas stations this week.

Nunya on April 24, 2017

Went to Coachella music festival, credit card never leaved my possession except for ordering some food, drinks, or merchandise, and when I got home I had a charge for $582.46 from Barney's Internet. No clue what it is, so definitely a fraudulent charge.

MKF on June 28, 2017

Got off work and checked my phone, calls from Wells Fargo...checking on recent purchases. $701 to Barney's Internet. No idea what that is. Thank goodness the bank was watching.

rlhjr34 on July 02, 2017

I just had the same scam charge to my Capital One card last night for $715. The card is her in my wallet and hasn't been physically used in months.

Bill Bibley on July 31, 2017

I got a BARNEY'S INTERNET #006 charge for $210.12. No idea. Contacting back to dispute. Apparent scam based on the above.

Bill Bibley on July 31, 2017

I got a BARNEY'S INTERNET #006 charge for $210.12. No idea. Contacting back to dispute. Apparent scam based on the above.

Linda on August 21, 2017

Received a text from Discover saying I bought $344 at BARNEYS INTERNET #006. I'm home watching Game of Thrones and haven't been anywhere all week. Thank goodness Discover has the Freeze option. Called Fraud department right away.

Helen Bird on August 23, 2017

I thought it was a scam charge until I searched my old email and found a suitcase that I had purchased and had forgotten where I had gotten it… Barney's Website.

Bill on September 13, 2017

I was hit for a five hundred seventy. Dollar charge that I did not authorize .

Ms. M. on September 15, 2017

My bank BB&T wasn't watching, a charge usually pens for 24 hours on my account, somehow they let this charge go right through, no pending or anything! It also included an over draft fee, to add insult to injury!

A C on November 03, 2017

My Discover card was hit by this scam for $725. Discover text alerted me to this. Never heard of Barney's Internet before this. Card never left my possession. Charge disputed, card cancelled, etc.

A C on November 03, 2017

Addendum to previous post: Discover shows the address of Barney's Internet #006 as: 575 FIFTH AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10022 Using Google map views and info, it's fairly obvious that the address is bogus...

alex polenski on December 05, 2017

Can you let me know how you go your refund back? I got a charge of $1,300 and my statement said "barnys internet 600" my bank says there's enough proof to show that I made the purchase.

RWW on December 05, 2017

Alex - exact same thing happened to me today except my CC company is not charging me after I reported it. My charge was for $1370

Rae on December 06, 2017

I used my credit card three times today: I placed two internet orders (one on Amazon and one on via Paypal) and made one brick and mortar purchase at Costco. I was then later notified about suspected fraud. One of the three fraudulent transactions was for "Barneys #006." Another was for Perhaps the most suspicious was one for "Dominion Ops" for 21 cents, which was presumably the test charge they made before they tried to go to town with my card. Fortunately, my credit card company is handling this situation well.

GLK on February 08, 2018

Got a total of 5 charges on same card, 2 attempts at Barneys, whom like everyone else above, I had never heard of before. Hate IT All but 1 charge was denied before transaction was completed, have already contacted Visa and thanked them for their vigilance and getting me replacement cards. Initial charge will be voided as well.

Blank on March 05, 2018

Scam very BIG SCAM!

Jim on March 09, 2018

Card was declined while trying to make a purchase. Logged in to my bank online and found two fraudulent charges to this, both well over $500. Reported both. New card being sent. Charges made at some point after a transaction at a gas station. Now I am leery about going back to that station (a regular for me). Glad BoA looks out for me with this. Big inconvenience to have to get a new card now. Kind of %*&!ed that lazy thieves have to pull this crap.

Che on April 04, 2018

I used Chevron at 875 Blossom Hill Rd San Jose, CA 95123 Then was hit with a Barney's Internet #006 charge for $2,000. Called the bank to have it disputed

Alex on April 12, 2018

I've used Exxon gas station in Shirley, NY. Charged $500 in one week.

Charge on April 18, 2018

They tried charging me 2900 chase declined it

Louise W on May 06, 2018

Checked my online banking account / recent transactions and found $848 charged to Barney’s internet 006 on May 2, 2018.

Dan S on May 29, 2018

Two charges of $881.64, along with others. THEFT

Rbg on June 02, 2018

Got three charges from Barney’s internet 006. 2 blockedcand one pending. That might get blocked. If not have to call customer service and put a claim in against the charge Sucks

Samioglu on July 24, 2018

Checked my account and remarked that they charged me 2000dolars, contacted to my bank, hope i can get it back

Gail on August 13, 2018

I have a pending $930 charge in my checking account for Barney's Inter. This is a debit charge which I definitely never made. Citizens said they can't block the charge which I don't unfersta

Cherrie T on August 28, 2018

Just found 2 pending charges for $5922 each from Barney's Internet #006 New York. Looked it up and a lot of others have reported the same thing. Watch your statements!!!

Lupe Alvarez on October 20, 2018

Checked my Visa credit card account, found a pending charge of $1909 charged to my account, my credit card is being cancled, issuing new card, created major problem, I pay all my bills on line with this card

KURT GAUS on November 13, 2018


Kathy D on November 19, 2018

Someone tried to use my credit card to purchase $893 worth of stuff... THANK YOU CHASE CARD for immediately contacting me and getting this marked as Fraudulent.

Steve on November 19, 2018

Used my card for 23.89 institution stopped payment til I told them I approved it and they let my card work.Then I checked my account next day and 550.00 to Barney's and 8 other places and never asked if I approved this?

Ccc on January 23, 2019

It's a clothing store called Barney's New York. I saw the charge and was thinking WTF, but my wife showed me the receipt email and it is legit, at least in our case it was. InSK44

Roseanna S on March 19, 2019

Today my card shows pending charge from Barney's Internet #006 with zero charges. Never purchased anything from them. Waiting to see if any charges appear. Notifying CC company.

Bonnie on March 19, 2019

I see a pending charge on my cc for 00.00 as well - calling bank.

Mark L on March 19, 2019

Chase just notified me of a 0.00 charge on my card. Cancelled, fraud alert on account, new card coming. Seems we need an Federal Internet Fraud Prosecution Force to go after these scammers as states & current agencies have been ineffective at shutting this crap down!

Mohan on March 19, 2019

I got affected by this BARNEY'S INTERNET #006 and chase notified me. New card will be coming...

Mark on March 19, 2019

Got the call from Chase. Barney 's internet, 0.00. They cancelled the card and new one is on the way.

Debbie on September 14, 2019

Chase notified me today asking about a change for &1276.00 from a Barney’s Internet. Canceled my card and sending me a new one. So glad Chase caught it. Scam..😡

lllo on October 01, 2019

I saw BARNEY'S INTERNET #006 on 9/29/2019 on my credit card so I called Chase to report the scam. They cancel this transaction and will issue a new card in 3 business.

Tim on October 01, 2019

Fraudulent charge was made on our credit card today. Says $306.xx charged to my credit card from Barney's internet #006. Was contacted by early warning Citibank security team.

Barbara on November 11, 2019

Found charge today for 1794.01 fraudulent, reported it, do not know who these people are

Andrew Riley on November 14, 2019

Barney’s Internet #006 NY- $644.39

Andrew Riley on November 14, 2019

Barney’s Internet #006 NY - $644.39

Andrew Riley on November 14, 2019

Barney’s Internet #006 NY- $644.39

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