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The credit card charge "BUY BUY BABY NASH E CM NJ" was first recorded on August 02, 2015. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant Bed Bath and Beyond (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone 9737854333 (edit)
Category merchant (edit)
Description unable to get (edit)


VJKC on March 26, 2016

This BUY BUY BABY NASH E-CM 97 just appeared on my VISA debit card today for a charge of $367.29 that I DID NOT MAKE! The charge apparently was made at 4:28 a.m. I was sound asleep at 4:28 a.m.!!! Clearly my card has somehow been compromised and this is a fraudulent charge. I put an immediate lock on my card, but it is Friday before a holiday weekend and I cannot access my bank account! I have to wait until Monday now to try and get this cleared up. Thanks a lot, Asshats! Grrrrrr..............

Kyle on June 12, 2017

I hadn't checked my account in a while and just noticed four charges to BUY BUY BABY NASH E-C 973-785-4333 NJ starting ten days ago and one pending to BUY BUY BABY TOTOWA NJ all totaling 618.20. And I live on the west coast, that's only 2,900 miles away! Just got done talking to my bank...

aplus on September 18, 2018

same thing fraud!

concerned citizen on September 23, 2018

Fraudulent charge on my credit account for $553.79 last Sept. 20, 2018. Whoever you are. I hope you get caught and go to jail.It seems like you have been doing this for awhile based on other complaints.

CCW on October 22, 2018

Had a charge for $259.79 placed on my VISA on 10/07/18 at 1:00 a.m. I have never heard of this site and definitely did not make this purchase!

TJBJR on February 22, 2019

4 separate charges to my VISA totaling over $3500 for the phone number listed from 2/4 to 2/21. Called credit card company and won't be on the hook for them and will have to get a new card.

BLO on March 22, 2019

A friend got her VISA charged also, then she got a new card, she activated it, but never used it. She got hit again on the new card. A new card that has never been used anywhere. That's two times she was hit in 3 months. It was a VISA issued from Royal Credit Union.

SRV on May 11, 2019

Hit with three separate charges April 15, 16, 19, 2019 totaling $525.02. Total scam notified Buy Buy Baby as well as my card company. :-(

Ann on August 20, 2019

I just looked at my account today and saw a charge for $89.97 for this same Buy Buy Baby; when I googled the phone number Bed Bath and Beyond came up (I know they are owned by the same company). I called my bank; but this is frustrating if this has been going on since 2017 with the same fake charges.

Ron Starr on September 09, 2019

I also have a fraudulent charge against this number which is for Bed Bath & Beyond.It is for a recurring charge of $29. Called the number to report it. They said it is a yearly membership fee which we never had. It was associated with a name and e-mail address that I never heard of. Called c.c company for refund and new cc number. Based on other complaints, I don.t know why these fraudulent charges continue after several years.

Dave on September 17, 2019

I had two Visa's charged one on 7.31.19 for 59.91 and one on 8.03.19. for 50.87. One of the cards I keep at home and have only used it a couple times for emergencies. The other I carry with me but rarely use. I noticed the first charge right away because the card is tied to my credit union account. The other I did not notice for over a month since the card is never used. The only way I can figure these two cards were both compromised is from the Equifax hack, Nothing else makes sense. On discovering the second charge I cancelled the card and additionally notified BBB. They have opened an investigation but I have not heard anything yet.

Kenan on September 23, 2019

Baby buy buy hit my debit card for 1071.00 on September 3, 2019. Closed the card and the bank has now firled a dispute. We will she how this all shakes out. This fraud thing is getting crazy. Difficult to see that all bills are paid when constantly changing cards due to fraud.

Gil on sept. 29,2019 on September 28, 2019

Just got my statement and have charge for $426.49. The statement says it”s from Buy Buy Baby Nash E-circle 973-785-4333 NJ. This fraud has been going on since 2015. Charge was made on 8/23/2019. You would think they would have been caught by now.

Conductor on October 01, 2019

Two charges for approximately $125, plus two other charges for Bed Bath and Beyond for about the same amount. Would love to get my hands on these scumbags

tjw on October 26, 2019

Called this fraudulent charge a scam with bank, will be getting a new card, very inconvenient to be having to sent a new card in 5-10 days.

Leia Wall on November 12, 2019

I just had this happen almost $300 banks all closed for Veterans Day. Called buy buy baby and they are looking into it, cancelled my card calling the bank tomorrow but now my account is negative and God o my knows how long before I get my money back

Bill on December 04, 2019

Just saw my statement and saw this same charge $109.40 apparently no one is taking this serious 12-3-19

Jon on December 07, 2019

Just got my bank statement and saw 2 seperate $75 charges. Think this would be nipped in the bud by now.

Larry on December 10, 2019

12/9/2019 97.75 charged to my debit card

chuck on January 05, 2020

chase bank sends me a text asking if I did this charge. NOPE! WTF?

Paul on January 07, 2020

Fraud. Just under $800 on 3 transactions placed on my debit card.

Karen March 03,2020 on March 03, 2020

charges on my account for BUY BUY BABY NASH E CM NJ dated 02/26/20, 02/27/20, 02/29/20, 03/01/20. Wow they skipped the 28th. The phone number attached to this transaction is 973-785-4333 and is Bed Bath and Beyond 11 Taft Road; Totowa, NJ 07512 · (973) 785-4333. Buy Buy Baby is a brand they sell, but they know nothing about the transactions. this is fraud!

Melanie Fuqua on March 08, 2020

Just had six charges to my credit card from Buy Buy Baby Nash for over $600. Nyhfg6

Arthur on March 11, 2020

Just received an email from my cc with a charge from buy buy baby nash e cm nj Went online to check on other transactions and had a fraudulent pending transaction from bed, bath and beyond also in NJ

Mylan on March 27, 2020

Buy Buy Baby Nash Totowa charge on my card for $129.89 at 1:08PM on March 27, 2020. It's only 1:05pm and I just woke up. What's going on?!

Mylan on March 27, 2020

$249.69 total from buy buy baby NASH TOTOWA, bed bath and beyond TOTOWA, and step2cc*direct OH.

Kim on April 08, 2020

Charged for 112.37onmy debit card. I did not purchase. Canceled my card right away!

Kiana on April 11, 2020

I got charged two times from this same place. I have a registry with Buy Buy Baby, but I called and they have no idea of the charges. I had also placed an order from Bed Bath & Beyond. But with the pandemic going on, I can’t get a hold of my bank. All I did was lock my account.

Chas on April 12, 2020

BUY BUY BABY NASH E-CM TOTOWA NJ Showed up on 4/10/20 with a $74 charge. With the country in financial turmoil, I’m watching all of my accounts. But in light of this page that dates back to 2015 of similar stories, I’m getting ready to call all of my cards and have them search this merchant. They could’ve been doing this longer than just the one charge I’ve seen? This is ridiculous. Screenshotting for my bank! And this word play is teasing you as you wave “Bye Bye Baby” to your cash???!!!

Chas on April 12, 2020

BUY BUY BABY NASH E-CM TOTOWA NJ Showed up on 4/10/20 with a $74 charge. With the country in financial turmoil, I’m watching all of my accounts. But in light of this page that dates back to 2015 of similar stories, I’m getting ready to call all of my cards and have them search this merchant. They could’ve been doing this longer than just the one charge I’ve seen? This is ridiculous. Screenshotting for my bank! And this word play is teasing you as you wave “Bye Bye Baby” to your cash???!!!

crystal on April 15, 2020

I checked my boa account to notice two fraudulent charges to BUY BUY BABY NASH E-CM TOTOWA NJ. I don't have any children nor do I have friends or family expecting or with children. I also never heard of this store. I was very confused, asked my mom which is the only person who would probably have my info but she was also confused. I made a claim with BOA and I should be receiving a new card soon. Since losing my job, this is the last bit I have until unemployment comes in so its been inconvenient. One charge was on 04/13/2020 of $73.10 and the other was 04/14/2020 of $74.89. Hopefully I don't see any more in the future.

Colten on April 16, 2020

I'm surprised to see so many others with this same problem. I checked my US Bank account today and found two charges from BUY BUY BABY NASH E-CM TOTOWA NJ. One charge for $1.00 and one charge for $162.36. I caught it just in time and I'm now on the phone with US Bank.

Chris on April 27, 2020

I woke up at 8am EST to find an alert from my bank on my phone. Since i get them daily to tell me what my bank balance is, I wasn't at all suspicious... That is, until I looked at my bank account and noticed $104 was missing! I found the transaction that did this (BUY BUY BABY NASH E-CM TOTOWA NJ), and after some digging I found this site. Just got off the phone with PNC, got my old card shut off and I should be getting a new one soon. Now I'm just sitting here hoping that my new card doesn't get hit as well...

Alfonso on May 01, 2020

I live in California and just had a charge from buy buy baby for $58 , only to see it now is affecting many people. I kept thinking where did my information get taken from? but interesting to see I'm not alone. I saw the charge while it was pending but my credit union won't let me dispute it till it's been processed. I blocked that card as soon as I saw that unauthorized charge though. i know they probably won't but i hope the people behind this scam or fraud or whatever it's called get busted

Bobby on May 17, 2020

Found this page after getting hit with a charge from BUY BUY BABY NASH E-CM. I am suprised so many folks have had this issue for so long. I think it may be an inside job. Like others, I have never heard of this store in NJ and have no children. I live in TX. Last weekend I got an excessive charge alert from Chase for $388 from this establishment. I called Chase first thing Monday and reported it. They said I would not be responsible and cancelled the card and issued a new one. A day later, I saw the -$388 charge and thought it was over. Imagine my suprise when a few days later, the charge reappeared as $377. I called chase again and they said that this crappy place resubmitted the charge for $11 less after the first dispute for $388 and they had to remove this transaction too. They said my new card was not used and this place just resubmitted the original canceled charge. It seems to me someone on the inside figured out that if they resubmit the original disputed charge, it goes through again. I'm glad I caught it, but I bet some folks may miss it the second time around.

Christina Dean on May 26, 2020

I woke up on Sunday morning at 7am and noticed that there was 3 charges on my credit card from unknown merchants, buy buy baby nash, bed bath and beyond and graco apparently the other company's listed are affiliates cause when you call them its the same company. They told me no way to track the mistake contact my bank. I have called my bank and turned them into the better business bureau it took me 5 hours of hold time to speak with someone.

Piper's Mom on June 29, 2020

they hit me for two different cards! both 'manually' entered in New Jersey at midnight! I don't live near New Jersey, I do not have any children of that age to buy for. it sickens me that no one is checking on this! why do they allow manual entry of cards anyway? if the strip or chip is bad then use another card....%*&!ed off in SC

KATHRYN BROWN on July 07, 2020

A charge of $76.81 appeared on my debit card and I have zero clue to who this business is,I reported as a fraud to my bank,I can't understand how this is possible !!!!***

Marcia on July 12, 2020

Checked Amazon Card this morning and see a pending charge for buy buy baby Nash e-cm for $300+. Called credit card company and were told we have to wait til untended to check on it. In the meantime they could rack up other charges on the card. Because of COVID, no one there to shut down our card!

Aliann on July 22, 2020

Just checked my bank acct and my debit card was charged 236.76 at Buy buy baby nas on 7/20/20. doesnt give a time but i have never bought from that store online or in person! Besides id never spend that kind of $$ on a baby shower giftv or the like!! i know of no one who has a new baby that I’d spend that much money for anyway! I now see by these posts that this is an ongoing scheme! Why can't this be traced????

Don Emerick on July 29, 2020

Charged 80.99 by Buy Buy Baby on July 26, 2020. Notified cc company

T.H on July 31, 2020

This literally just happened to me 🤬

Bank of America Card User - FL on July 31, 2020

Card got hit for $500+ on 7/28/2020 - no clue where it is from. Card also got hit by another unknown and far off vendor for $500. Notified credit card company. I watch my activity like a hawk.

Lou on August 03, 2020

Visa hit for $300 on 7/28 while I was in Cape Vincent, NY. Card needs to be cancelled. What a pain... Be nice if they busted the A holes responsible.,

SKC on August 08, 2020

Wow - I can't believe this has been happening to people since 2015! Yesterday I discovered two fraudulent charges on my debit card from Buy Buy Baby Nash and Bed Bath and Beyond in Totowa, NJ. I live in Florida! I have never even been to NJ! I called my bank immediately and they canceled my card and they will refund my money. But in the meantime I have no debit card and no money! These scammers took all the money I had! Nearly five hundred dollars! I really hope they catch the people responsible and punish them to the full extent of the law! This is terrible that they have been doing this to so many people for so many years and have been getting away with it!

Mike on August 12, 2020

WOW! got hit for two charges for $214.44 each one from Buy Buy Baby Nash and one from Bed Bath & Beyond. Gonna Hot Card my account. I'm in Texas and apparently the debit card was run in New Jersey. Haven't traveled anywhere since before Thanksgiving last year. Fortunately I had run my card at WalMart an hour before the transaction. So the bank knows it was fraudulent. Still a hassle having to get a new card. Would love to press charges against these jacka@@#!*.

Sierra on August 25, 2020

Just got an alert about this scam. They are still running. Thankfully I had fraud alert set up so no charges b

Unbelievable on August 25, 2020

They just hit my card for two charges of190.61 each unbelievable!! I just can’t believe that this is continuing . It’s still in pending status from 18th of Aug

Holy Crap, Seriously?! on August 31, 2020

So, I've never dealt with a surprise fraudulent charge before and I woke up this morning to a charge on my debit card by Buy Buy Baby Nash E CM NJ for $84.79 ?!?! Googled the merchant name as it showed up on my account, ended up here, and holy crap! How the hell has this place managed to do this !$^# to so many people for so long?!?! Just got off the phone with my bank to resolve it, but good grief, nobody ever needs this bull!$^# to pop up!

Strikes again! on September 01, 2020

I have never had fraud on my debit card either, and I just noticed items that were charged on 8/24 and showed up on my debit card 8/28. There were two for BUY BUY BABY NASH E, for $42.39 and $1.00 I called TD Bank to shut down my card and they told me the fraud tried to charge to and tried to buy a freakin PELOTON, but those two charges were rejected by Walmart and Peloton and recognized as fraud somehow.

Curtis on September 22, 2020

Just saw a charge on my Credit card. for 281.75 from Buy Buy Baby Nash e commerce in NJ. I’ve never been to NJ and am from California. It’s been reported now and acct. closed. Legit scam charge!!

Cody on April 07, 2021

I'm in Colorado and I got hit with 8 fraud charges from California all the way to buy buy baby in NJ. Crazy! Are they just funneling money some how or ordering product that should be able to trace where to ass hats are! Also got charges from Target, Chipolet, a restaurant in California.

Ryan on October 23, 2021

Charged $377.11 from buy buy baby TOTOWA NJ. Based on how many years worth of comments there are here, I doubt these fraudulent charges are going away any time soon. Call your bank as soon as you notice it.

Raul on November 17, 2021


Boss on June 10, 2022

Received a charge of over $300. Called my credit card and reported the fraud. Why isn't Buy Buy Baby Nash tighter with their security? The crooks should be easy to catch since they have to put an address in.

Stan on July 02, 2022

Got hit with a 512 dollars charge with my Debit Card. Had to shut it down and paid 30 dollars to get a new card expedited. The charge was dropped but reappear again on pending.

Lyn on August 23, 2022

Just got my statement on August 22 and buy buy baby took out a total of 430.21 out of my account. Now I have to close out my card wait for another one because of scam (scum) artists. Thank you jack asses! Ugh

Did you order furniture? on November 15, 2022

I recently ordered furniture from a well know vendor in NJ, within 3 days of providing my business card details fraud started happening. Roblox, McDonald’s multiple times & Buy Buy Baby NAS … trying to connect the dots. I find it interesting that the McDonald’s 872 location is relatively close to the vendor… they have a warehouse in NJ & CA .. interesting as Colorado comments above were both CA & NJ.

Julie on November 17, 2022

I just noticed a charge today for $6.45 from Buy Buy Buy Baybe in NJ. I have not purchased anything from them. And the charge is on my debit card which is in my possession. I live on the west coast. From reading this page, it seems I am lucky I noticed the charge and canceled my debit card today as there would probably be more charges soon. However, I do sometimes shop at Bed Bath and Beyond, but not in a while.

Rachel on December 18, 2022

My card was just charged for $8.99 from this ridiculous supposed company to that I didn't make!!! I'm sick of this and right before Christmas I'm trying to give my children a good Christmas and I've got some ass trying to steal.moneu from me.

%*&!ed off on January 22, 2023

My card Debit card just got hit for over $2000 by this company and the fooken bank is of course closed for Holiday so I can't stop the pending charges... The Fck... If I find these people God help them.

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