What is JS ONLINE GROCERY 0800 328 1700 GBR?

First seen July 02, 2015. Last updated on May 26, 2022.


The credit card charge "JS ONLINE GROCERY 0800 328 1700 GBR" was first recorded on July 02, 2015. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant Sainsbury (edit)
Website Click to Add
Phone 08003281700 (edit)
Category Grocery (edit)
Description Online grocery store (edit)


Dimitri on September 23, 2017

I had 10 go into my account yesterday from js grocery online. Have no idea why. It's suspicious. I never shoo at Sainsbury's at the best of times. Never mind online!!!

ifeanyi on December 05, 2017

I saw a transaction for a J. Sainsbury in my credit card for £216 which I definitely did not do! I reported it to my bank the next day (while the transaction was still pending), and got my card cancelled. However after getting a new card, I checked my statement on my banking app, and the transaction is still there.

Aaron Downing on January 23, 2019

We were charged 314.90 to JS Grocery Online on January 7, 2019. The scam continues.

Ann on April 11, 2019

I have been charged 148.19 23 /03/19 it’s still going on

vin on April 11, 2019

Still going on

Randy on April 15, 2019

Charged £178 on 13 april 2019. And no axtion from sainsbury they still let it go.

Mike Hughes on April 24, 2019

On checking my credit card account noticed three (3) transactions from JS Online Grocery. 13/4/19 for £110.20, 18/4 for £102.25 & 22/4 for £92.95. Never had any dealings with this Company!!!

Eric Craik on May 11, 2019

Had £142.80 taken from my account. Never shop in Sainsburys, never bought anything online from them either. Reported it to my bank today. Let's see what happens.

Kumi on May 13, 2019

I had total of £859.63 taken from my account (on 21, 26, 27, 27, 31 Mar 2019 and 1 and 3 Apr 2019)! I notified Nat West on 4 April, but they refused to refund, saying these transactions were made from my PC. I checked the log history, but no trace at all! Sainsbury's can not disclose the details, as the orders were made by someone else (not in my name). I live in London, but these shopping were collected in Coventry. Help!

Lee on May 30, 2019

Had £200.03 taken from my Santander account which I noticed on Saturday 26/05/19 for JS Grocery (online). The day before I kept getting Authorise Card Payment messages on my phone, which I called Santander to report, luckily Santander refunded my money. It makes we wonder how they get the info, as I’ve never done online shopping from Sainsbury’s

Stan on June 04, 2019

I've been firstly credited £18.50 and right after that charged £112.80. I never shop food online.

Hanna on June 04, 2019

My debit card has been charged £98.80 on 25.5.2019, during my trip to Portugal

Kal on July 16, 2019

£304.25 on 28th June from a Santander Business account. Can't banks report this to each other to stop it? Looks like it's been a couple of years now

Craig on August 09, 2019

£95.60 taken from my account on 08/0819 and a text message from Nationwide asking me to confirm a 2nd payment for £96.25. I've never shopped at Sainsbury's with my card. Definitely a scam going in here.

Alok on November 13, 2019

£154.35 taken from my Halifax account on 11th Nov 19. Called Halifax right now and they refunded it straight away and promised to investigate. This can't be some small time scammer. This must be a big organised crime unit robbing banks. Makes me wonder why banks have turned a blind eye to these guys as the internet seems to be awash with JS online scams. By the sounds of it, the banks are probably hand in hand with these. Refund the money to customers who notice the fraud and then mark it as a loss on the books while the money is with their own accomplices? Haha!

Rachael on November 17, 2019

Today I checked my account and realised a transaction of £73.43 by JS online grocery on 12/11/19. I have never even bought groceries online in my life! After a long phone call with Barclays, I got refunded the same day. My mum checked her online account and just noticed she was scammed by JS online grocery in 2016! Beware and spread the word to others.

C Pugh on January 26, 2020

100% fraud. Two transactions appeared on my card over two days. Barclaycard were good, blocked card and refunded money. But also probably means it’s happening a lot!!! Beware!

Alicia on January 27, 2020

Upon audited my online statement there was a fraud online transaction of £73.41 on 23rd January 2020 AND refunded it on the same day! I never shops at Sainsbury because it is too expensive. I will go to see my bank manager tomorrow at first thing to avoid any further fraud. Always check your bank statement on regularly bases.

Robin on February 03, 2020

Noticed a charge of £97.11 on the 30th January. I have never shopped online with JS. Nor have I ever used a credit card for shopping. No idea how they got my details. Called Barclaycard. Cancelled the card!

Kate on February 25, 2020

Just had 2 transactions on sundays, one for 72 and one for 113 a week apart, so the scam is still going feb 2020.

Lizzie on March 03, 2020

2 transactions for £250 on 29/2/20 and £211 2/3/20. Reported and blocked card immediately - fairly sure my card was skimmed from a cash machine as rarely use it online

Paul Robinson on March 04, 2020

Just had 10 transactions in 1 week for JS Grocery (online) - over £700. Bank has been informed so hoping to get the money back

Ghie on June 16, 2020

Just had 3 fraudulent transaction on my card in a day, it's kind of weird coz I'm from Asian country and I did not use or shop on line and very budgeted and careful on using my card and all the transaction that happend in UK.

Samantha on June 25, 2020

£1696.80 taken from my credit card between 17th and 25th June 2020, all J S Online Grocery. I was sent a text saying there was strange activity on my account. Thankfully my card company sorted it quickly.

Alison on July 07, 2020

£52.45 taken from my account on July 1st 2020 Reported to bank!

Joseph on July 09, 2020

I saw a notification for a transaction to J S GROCERY that I did not do! Beware of these scams. The bank is on it right now.

Dennis on July 12, 2020

Same thing happened for the someone used my debit card online and it got charged GBP 300 on my card. Did someone got the cash refunded? Why do they keep accepting these fraud transactions still?

Fiona on July 17, 2020

I had the same thing done to me twice on 12/07 totalling 328.00 Called my bank and they have refunded it, I haven’t shopped in Sainsbury’s since the lockdown . I have cancelled my card. Called Sainsbury’s but they said they will log the complaint. There is a fraud committed here and Sainsbury’s don’t care

Bart on August 02, 2020

Wczoraj z mojego konta znikla kwota w wysokosci 143.76£ wlasnie z tej firmy JS jutro ide do loydsa I mowie jak sprawa wyglada

Andrew on August 05, 2020

Just opened our account and found four transactions in two days totalling over £1100 for JS Online Groceries. Onto the bank now who have cancelled the card and will refund the money in full tomorrow. Card is only ever used for one type of transaction so should have been picked up by the bank. Police to be notified by bank. The only place the card is ever used is a local petrol station and the transactions started the following morning.

Chrystal on August 14, 2020

£212 taken from my Barclaycard account on 12/07/2020 for JS Online Groceries. Reported to Barclaycard yesterday so hoping they are aware of this fraud (as it seems it happens regularly) and will refund the money. Having read through the comments, lots of the comments seem to be linked to Barclaycard?

Jonny on August 19, 2020

Had £156.80 fraudulently taken from my account. I do not use Sainsbury's but my bank statement said 'JS Online Groceries' like other folks. Santander have refunded the money within 24 hours.

OLA on November 08, 2020

Just found out that £103 taking from my account by same JS online and followed by £179 by Amazon. my bank refunded all. Scam still going on every day

Zane on November 17, 2020

I was charged at my business debit card on 2 June 2020 for £134.05 by JS Online Grocery, 08003281700.I picked this up only now as I was doing book keeping. I have reported it to Natwest, have gone through 2 departments already, which has taken me 35 minutes. Customer service is rude and unprofessional. From Fraud team have been now transferred to Notification department within the Fraud team, what a waste of time. All they care is to deduct money from my account for transactions - when there is online fraud going on they measure your patience and waste your time to save your money.

stevie on January 21, 2021

I'm just doing my accounts for 2020 and see in April i was debited close to 200 pounds... scammed

Ellie on March 05, 2021

What is going on here, I only used my card at the post office over the road from me, and checking my account, JS paid in £306 one day, then the next day, took it back out again...?? 3 days later a transaction for tk max for £5.12,,from somewhere many many miles away, bought online, ,then 5 days later JS removed another £312.00, I, as others have said, do not shop on line, nor have any association with Sainsbury’s, I called Sainsbury’s and they too said they had no details for me and stated I needed to call the police. I called my bank, and it’s not Barclays, my bank blocked my account also issued a new card and also paid the monies back, and fraud squad are now dealing with this fraudulent activity...but googling and this seems to of been going on for years....has the thief not been caught yet with all today’s technology????

Zoe on July 17, 2021

I wonder if maybe a scammer is using the same reference that Sains do but it's a different bank account? FYI I use Sainsburys for online groceries, and I get occasional refunds from an order gone wrong. My exact reference from Sains is JS ONLINE GROCERY\3 CROWN ROAD\0800 328 1700\EN11AJ GBR (the postcode just before GBR is where my delivery gets sent from).

D Morton on May 26, 2022

They paid me £2 . 97 but I think that is the best way to get your information. I use Sainsburys and cancelled my card . Didn't want to give them a phone number to link to my account so don't phone them!!

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