First seen October 03, 2014. Last updated on November 28, 2022.


The credit card charge "GOOGLE *TANGOME" was first recorded on October 03, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant Google (edit)
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Phone 6502530000 (edit)
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Description TangoMe (edit)


Anon on October 11, 2021

Google Tangome Charge on the bank statement for $1.06 listed ten times the same day. I put a block on my account and canceled the card.

Krys on October 11, 2021

Google Tangome Charge on the bank statement for $1.07 listed ten times the same day, ten times the following day and another ten today! I put a block on my account and canceled the card. I have no idea what this is but apparently a lot of people where I bank are having this issue.

Ahron on October 12, 2021

I woke up this morning only to find a report that I had been charged 4 times in a row for 1.07$ by google*tangome. I blocked the card and canceled it asap. I hope this will not be a recurring issue :(

Anon on October 13, 2021

I received a call from my banks fraud protection about suspicious activity and when I checked my account I had 8 charges for 1.07 and 2 pending. Fraud. blocked & canceled card.

Tricia on October 13, 2021

I woke this morning to a fraud alert and 26 charges from this. My bank quickly had put a hold on my card. I have already cancelled the card and submitted a fraud alert.

Berna on October 20, 2021

I had the charges on my card. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me with the same "company" Reporter, cancel card. This is a FRAUD!!

Val on October 27, 2021

I just saw 1.07 5 times on from my debit card that I don't use. Google tangoMe.

GWK on October 28, 2021

I opened my bank account to check...just like I do every day...and found 15 charges for $1.07. I don't know what these charges are, I didn't authorize them, and I've never used the app associated with this account. I will be at my 30 minutes to report that charges.

Anonymous on November 02, 2021

Yeah, I get emails whenever money is put into my account, and I used to get it whenever ANY amount of money was taken out but it got annoying so I set it to a limit. Anyways point is I got an email from my bank and sure enough, same thing, 1.07. I only see one charge of it right now, apparently others here have had it happen multiple times, so I'm glad I saw this and can put a stop to it before it's too late.

Dan on November 03, 2021

Saw 11 charges of $1.05 from tangome. Does this mean we have to cancel the card completely

Got Scammed on November 04, 2021

We had 4 charges of $1.08 on our debit card overnight, and woke up to the notifications. This is a fraud.

Anon on November 04, 2021

5 charges today from GOOGLE *TangoMe Mountain View CA showed up for 1.07 on Huntington account that I have only used 5 times. Craigslist, Taco Bell, Kroger, Arby's, Speedway. Had it on my gpay account as well. I wonder if we couldn't figure out where the data breech occurred based on this.

Anonymous on November 06, 2021

TangoMe 855-836-3987 CA Scam charges - 3 x 1.08 and 1 x 2.17. Notified bank dispute center. Locked debit card.

Charles on November 07, 2021

Used my debit card at a store. tried to use it again and it said declined. Went to credit union and was told there were charges from Google *Tangome. Told them I didn't do it. They cancelled that card and issued me a new one. I have 14 charges pending for $1.07. This should go away, hopefully.

Willard on November 07, 2021

Got 6 charges from Google TANGOM checked with bank they are coming from California. Canceled cardL

%*&!ed and anonymous on November 08, 2021

Husband went to use his debit card at the store and it was declined, tried to use ATM, again he could not. Checked the account and there are 13 charges for $1.99 from Google*TangoM Trying to get ahold of the bank now, which I was hung up on after 20 minutes of holding so I am assuming our account was not the only one. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Steve on November 08, 2021

Ten TangoMe charges on my debit card account this morning. Two fro $2.17 and eight for $1.08. Fraudulent charges. Card cancelled & replaced.

dennis on November 08, 2021

Same thing here google google tango and gardena 17 charges of .99 ..

dennis on November 08, 2021

Google tango and gardena .99 cents 17 times out of checking

dennis on November 08, 2021

Google Tango Google Gardena 17 .99 checking withdrawals no idea what it is but bull!$^# so someone can do this to thousands of peole thst easy Wtf

Alex on November 08, 2021

Google Tangome charged my card for $0.99 ten times. I don't know what this is and did not authorize it.

Juan on November 09, 2021

Google Tango me charged me $0.99 19 times so now I have to cancel my card and get a new one☹☹

what the actual f on November 09, 2021

Google TangoMe charged me $1.99 FORTY-FIVE TIMES, which is almost $90!?! Never authorized this obviously. Cancelled my card immeadiately, will be filing a fraud claim.

Kansasguy on November 10, 2021

Received call from fraud dept at my credit union for multiple charges one day for $1.99 from Google Tangome. Filled out fraud report. Finally found a number for Tangome. 805-608-5406. Spoke to a guy there who was NO help. Kept telling me I must have let someone use my account. Then he disconnected me. Google was absolutely no help either even tho Google was on the charge next to the tangome. Check your bank accounts closely.

Kansasguy on November 10, 2021

Tango me totall scam

TK421 on November 17, 2021

I'm dealing with over fifty fraudulent charges for $0.99 from them.

hana on June 10, 2022

I see too many chares from you and never logged to you, i want the money back!

RWD on October 31, 2022

I had charges from Tangome for $399.99 and $99.99, both are fraud, never been on that site.

Charley on November 13, 2022

Tangome charges of 399.99 four times and 99.99 five times on Oct 30 2022

Tina on November 28, 2022

We have 11 charges of 199.99 1 charge of 99.99 and 2 charges of 0.99 from Tango mountain viewcaus. I have turned off my card till I can get ahold of our bank

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