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Cate on February 18, 2016

It is a gas station in Kremmling. I recently went there and put in less than $10 in gas in my car. A $75 charge showed up on my debit card that took FOUR days to come off. I use a credit card Every single week to purchase gas and this has never once happened until the Buggy Stop. I will NOT be going here ever again.

Sean on June 21, 2016

I experienced the same thing with Cate. I put around $20 in gas and $75 showed up several days in my account. Very weird to me.

Glenn on August 08, 2016

I got 40.00 of gas and was charged 75.00. I reported to Wells Fargo and filed a claim.

Donomite on August 23, 2016

This is complete Bull!$^# and robbery!!! I put 30 dollars and my card got charged 75 as well!!!!!!!! Lawyer up and file a claim immediately with your bank!! If it wasn't a pain in the ass to drive back up there, I would be up there in a second with a Louisville

Sorry on August 23, 2016

I shouldn't have made comment about Liousville and I'm sorry!! but seriously file a claim immediately!! This is wrong

Jeff on October 28, 2016

I spent a couple of days in Kremmling last week. I stopped to get some snacks and used my debit card. Upon returning home, I discovered a $75. Charge to my account. This has been going on for months. WHY??

John on March 25, 2017 on March 27, 2017

Just like all the other comments. I purchased gas $15.21 and they said problem with credit card. $75 was charged to my card. I will call the BBB.

Brianna on May 31, 2017

I purchased $17.00 worth of gas. Later that day I saw a charge for $75.00. I called the store and they refused to give me a refund.

jake on July 12, 2017

Same here. 20 bucks in gas and a $75.00 charge on my chase card.

Lee on October 23, 2017

I stopped by and put $23 dollar of gas. Checked my account and they charged me $75 dollars. Calling my bank to dispute this. Never filling up there again.

Jeff on NOv 3, 2017 on November 03, 2017

Filled up the Wrangler on the way back from a fishing trip, arrival at home noticed a email transaction alert of a $75 charge to my card from the Buggy Stop, the wrangler only took maybe $35 at 2.77 gallon. I put in a dispute on the charge with my credit card. I then called the store manager and he explained a sign on the pumps which I never saw as just a gas pump that if you used a credit card it is an automatic $75 charge and you will received a credit for the difference in about 2 days. I asked if the card secures if approved the charge just what is the sense of this practice. Rather surly response we have been doing this for 12 years. Told a dispute will be forthcoming from US Bank. Of course I will be watching for a credit showing up on my alerts, terrible business practice that must be used creatively for revenue floats. Never getting fuel there or likely anything in the store that is not a cash transaction. If no credit is forthcoming will contact the local LEO.

Jeffrey on June 06, 2018

WTF! Put in less than $20 gas in my truck, but bank shows $75 charge. This place is stealing from folks passing through town. SCAM

Dave on July 17, 2018

Happened to us on Sunday , put in 20 dollars and they charged me 75 on my card, how can this be legal ????

James on October 05, 2018

They hit me today, bought $18 dollars of gas and card was hit for $75

James on October 05, 2018

Follow up,,,,,,,called Wells Fargo and the Buggy Stop,,,,, apparently 75 bucks is the max fuel you can put in before a pump times out. So if their point of sale computer does not have instant access to your bank computer it assumes worse case where you will use 75 bucks of gas. When their bank puts thru the final charge, the 75 bucks comes off. Many restaurants use this type of ping for tips. Will post what happens in a few days

James on October 23, 2018

Conclusion on my two previous posts. Got my Wells Fargo statement today, the $75 dollar charge was rescinded and replaced with the actual amount I paid for gas. Apparently this may be common in rural areas without high speed internet. I have had the same issue when traveling in the Caribbean. So, Buggy Stop is NOT a rip-off or SCAM, we are just not used to getting instant info on account charges. The charge was temporary hold, then the adjustment made a few days later on their next regular banking day (Monday)

Steve on June 25, 2019

Came from Steamboat filled up in Steamboat 53 miles later I filled up at the buggy stop put in maybe 20 bucks and got two 75 dollar charges on my account

Missy on July 01, 2019

We got diesel there Sunday June 30th 2019. Today I was checking our chase c/c account and found two 75 dollar charges!!! We only ran the card once and it was only for ~$40. Scammers. I’ll be disputing!! And never shopping there again!

Katie on July 06, 2019

This happened to me too, paid $25 in gas & was charged $75!! Unbelievable.

John on October 24, 2019

Same thing just happened to me. About $20 and now have a $75 charge. No receipt.

alex on February 03, 2020

$75 thing happened to me yesterday. calling chase now. this is sketchy and something I've never experienced before, I've gotten gas in many rural areas and this has never been a thing and seems like a very unnecessary / sketchy business practice.

Class Action on July 02, 2020

I suggest a class action lawsuit to stop this practice. I, too, was scammed this weekend by these predators in Kremmling, Colorado. That's why the gas station at the other end of town, Kum n Go, is bustling. The locals know better than to go to the scam joint at The Mercantile.

Annoyed on July 03, 2020

$75 temp authorization charge? Never once have I seen this practice and I've lived in CO mountains for 25 years. There are no excuses other than poor management and unprogrammed credit terminals. If done on purpose, it's the result of untrusting store owners who think the world is against them. Don't give people like that your business.

Bruce on July 31, 2020

Just happened to me yesterday (07/29/20), Put in about $21 of fuel, then the charge shows $75.00. Since this is a repeating charge ($75.00) it appears to be planned form of cyber theft.

Mark on August 12, 2020

Same happened to me as all the above posters. Stopped at the Merc for $25 worth of gas and found the $75 charge. Going to wait a couple days for it to clear but will then call the bank.

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