First seen August 12, 2015. Last updated on January 12, 2023.


The credit card charge "NEXT DIRECTORY ONLINE GB" was first recorded on August 12, 2015. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant Next Direct (edit)
Website (edit)
Phone 0333 777 8000 (edit)
Category Online Shopping (edit)
Description This is the charge/payment for Next online fashion shopping (edit)


Gabor on November 03, 2018

why take 75 pounds from my account?

Tiffany Ezzell on June 03, 2019

Fraud on debit card

Eric Y on June 23, 2019

Got this charge on Friday 6/21/19

Bryon on July 04, 2019

my hsbc credit account has been debited by NEXT DIRECTORY ONLINE GB 6 times total £350.00 and ODEON/BOOKIT UXBRIDGE GB twice total £25.00

Dee on October 31, 2019

Fraudulent charge on my debit card

Jennifer on November 22, 2019

Fraud charges on my card from NEXT DIRECTORY ONLINE GB

Ryan on January 22, 2020

Fraud charge of $79.00 to my account on 1-18-2020

Grace Kidd on February 04, 2020

Fraudulent charges on my Direct Express card. Over $200.

New Yorker on February 10, 2020

Suspicious charge of $98.00 from Next Directory on 2/5/2020. Reported to the credit card company.

ron on March 11, 2020

next directory,online is a fraud.They stole 209.00 out of my account!

Mara on March 26, 2020

They stole $300 from my account. Did any of you guys get back your money?! Ugh!

Christina Enriquez on April 25, 2020

There's been a charge of over $200... NOT AUTHORIZED.....REEMBURSE THIS NOW!!!!!

Darla on April 30, 2020

$95 Fraud on debit 4/30/2020

Cindy on May 09, 2020

Three fraudulent charges on my debit card to next directory online gb totaling over $600 and one to River island internet for $101. That's two weeks work for me.

Tammy on June 02, 2020

I got 2 charges totaling $350!! NOT AUTHORIZED!!!

Sandra on June 10, 2020

Cargó no autorizado por 139

tyler on August 12, 2020

scam charge- over $200

None of yo business on September 16, 2020

Nothing but a fraud, they just took 2.44 cent off my card for for , just took another 81.32 off again & tried to take off 179.00 that didn't go through .. Everybody make sure you call n &/cancel your card ..they have to send me another card ..#fraudcrockedass

Krzysztof Fietko on November 03, 2020

You have taken 3 transactions from my debit card. Over £ 150 in total. I am asking for my money back because I did not consent to it.

%*&!ed the ^$#! Off!!! on March 10, 2021

Stole so much from account and caused a Huge Overdraft..

So annoyed on March 16, 2021

I got £184 taken from these then £136 was nearly taken but I unauthorised that!! I’m getting a new card and my bank are raising a fraud claim

Johnny on April 03, 2021

2 transactions per day for 5 days at over $4500 charged and my c.c. didn't flag it coming from the UK when I am at home NYC, USA. Noticed a high c.c. usage, called fraud dept. and bank is treating this as a credit card fraud. Now I have to go out and pay cash.... jeez what a pain in the a$$.

Melvin on April 10, 2021

This company or ? is hitting the US. Be aware! If anyone finds out who or whom is doing this, get and address and we 'burn' them down.

Renea Dempsey on June 27, 2021

Next Directory, Online; Nojima, Yokohama; S Lew, Sl, Andorra, LA VE; Three-Billpay(Web) Glasgow; HSA Digital Bouchers G, Brilon; Shinanoya Net, Tokyo; SofMap Com, Tokyo; Amemoba Matket, Taito; Combined to take over $11k from my daughter's social security account. SHE IS 10, 9 when the theft occurred. This card was only EVER used for medical expenses, and the occasional fun or educational thing for her. The card has never been used on any questionable sites.

Steve on July 15, 2021

4 Charges in a span of 1 hour after midnight on 7/15/21. All of the charges were placed on my Paypal card in the middle of the night. 4 charges are about $550. This is a UK company and I am located in California. Rip OFF company

Dottie Shepard on July 18, 2021

$247.26 fraudulant charge

Tess on July 20, 2021

FRAUD! 9 purchases went through on my debit card in short time span (1 hour or so) amounting to almost $800. I caught it and closed the card. My bank said an additional 10 purchases were blocked!! Crazy! These people suck! Watch out for next directory online!

Rose on July 28, 2021

Just got a charge on my credit card. Called to report it as fraudulent charge to my credit card fraud services today. $267.98 Very suspicious!!!

Gwen Green on August 06, 2021

Just had 3 charges to my credit card 3 for $111.06 and 2 for $111.53. had to report the charges as fraudulent.

Laura on August 07, 2021

I had 4 charges on my debit card @ 60.00! I reported the fraud and was on vacation in Destin Florida. It was right after I rented beach chairs from Twilight Beach Services using my card! COMPLETE SCAM!

Michael Gomez on August 09, 2021

I was charged $223.01, $122.65, and $323.37. I didn't make these charges. I want my money refunded to me right away

Rick on August 10, 2021

Just charged twice for $60 in my debit card, canceled with my bank .

Linda on August 13, 2021

I was charged 4x in one day for $60, making a total of $240. I have never even heard of NEXT DIRECTORY!!! Charges are currently pending so I have to wait until they are "cleared" before I can dispute the charges. This is a mess!!!!

Latoya on August 27, 2021

Fraud took $213

Fred on September 02, 2021

September 1, 2021, stole $60 never heard of NEXT DIRECTORY ONLINE GB

Fred on September 02, 2021

September 1,2021, stoled $60. I never heard of next directory online GB. Fraud is what it is.

Tony on October 17, 2021

16 October, debited £378. It is a fraud. Reported to bank.

Karin Flatt on November 03, 2021

Huge fraud - immediately contact your bank - luckily mine rejected a payment for $ 124 but unfortunately authorized two more payments for 78 and 81 $ - make sure you contact your bank!

Jul on February 16, 2022

Got this charge today

From at least the year 2020 until February 28th 2022 on March 04, 2022

Unauthorised NEXT payments for at least two years have taken around 1000 pounds/150,000 yen in total. These payments had been the same amount every month around 50 dollars. They were disguised as a subscription fee even though NEXT doesn't have one. I can't believe how much money they have stolen, we have children and debts to pay off! It's disgusting and greedy.

Anju on July 23, 2022

What the hell it is . Mine 27pound got deducted. Let me know will we get the refund whom you contact.

Bob on August 07, 2022

found a charge for 111.00 GBR listed had to report from June

Tatia Verdine on January 06, 2023

These people just stole from me.1/6/2023 for 77.14 I want my money back!!

Marlene on January 06, 2023

Fraud charges appeared today. 16$.

Toni Perth AU on January 12, 2023

Next Directory took $77.15AUD in Sept'22 looks like they are in Australia now, notified bank, it's fraud so how do they keep getting away with it?

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